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Where's Cosplay?

Waldo's easy to find, but the show sneaks across the border to Ottawa for another standard costume contest. 2014.06.04S01.E08

Why Is Selina's New Look So Familiar?

Before the season's over, someone's going to tell her, and she's not going to like it. 2014.06.02S03.E08

The Dark Specter Of Cosplay

Heroes of Cosplay is back, and people are dressing up like Pokémon. How could you not be interested? 2014.05.28S01.E07

This NICU Kid Really Has A Lot Of Guts

And if you don't believe that, he will prove it. 2014.05.09S10.E23

Is It Good Now?

Are the Agents (of no longer S.H.I.E.L.D.) optimistic that the show's turned it around? 2014.05.07S01.E21

Call The Midwife Presents: Rev. Beefcake

Taking a break from all the woman power to objectify a dude for once. 2014.05.04S03.E06

Why Is Amy Schumer Making This Face?

Your reaction to a cartoon meerkat may be slightly more visceral. 2014.04.29S02.E05

What Not To Wear (When Your Friend Gets Kidnapped By Maltese Gangsters)

And other design lessons from the most recent Bletchley Circle. 2014.04.28S02.E03

Of Prom Gowns And Beatdowns

The reunited Atlanta Housewives dress like teen queens, but brawl like Mean Girls. 2014.04.25S06.E23

Coming Full Circle

As the Bletchladies close another case, Sarah reviews their fashions and home goods. 2014.04.21S02.E02

Has Norma Officially Passed The Fashion Torch To Emma?

Collecting the most notable looks of the latest Bates Motel. 2014.04.08S02.E06

Can Norma Stop The Bypass In A Cheerful Floral Print?

Just because the latest Bates Motel takes place on a single day doesn't mean there aren't lots of looks to critique. 2014.04.01S02.E05

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Year In Funny Styling

A look back at the greatest joke fashions of the show's freshman season. 2014.03.26S01.E22

Putting The 'Dolt' Back In 'Dolce & Gabbana'

Sarah reviews the outfits from Revenge's night at the (soap) opera. 2014.03.25S03.E16

Girls Season 3 Brought New Job Prospects, But Every Day Was Casual Friday

Reviewing the looks of Season 3, as Hannah transformed from ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ to ‘Occasionally Sane Cat Lady.’ 2014.03.24S03.E12

Abbi Will Put Up With A Lot From Bevers, But There's A Line

And a certain raven-haired attorney is on the wrong side of it. Real wrong. 2014.03.19S01.E09

Ain't Patrick's Day

A look at the styles on the latest Revenge. 2014.03.18S03.E15

The Many Stoic Faces Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

After delivering a great episode last week, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has happily returned to its hometown of Dullsville. Here's the story in pictures. 2014.03.12S01.E15


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