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Season 7 Kicks Off With Pristine Whites And Prison Blues

Phaedra's oblivious to Apollo's screed, and has the carefree resortwear to prove it. 2014.11.10S07.E01

A Thin Line Between Love And Hate

One of The Doctor's oldest enemies gets a new identity. 2014.11.02S08.E11

Demon-Fighting Duds

That's John Constantine's look and he's sticking to it. 2014.11.01S01.E02

Paris Has A Lot Of Stripes And Polka Dots

Three more kids make six more dresses, and then hopes and dreams get crushed. 2014.10.31S01.E02

Houses Of The Unholy

Ems hopes a real-estate deal will bring her father back to her; Sarah D. Bunting hopes the CEO of Schemey Doofus LLC will buy a packet of undershirts one of these days. 2014.10.27S04.E05

The Children Are Our Future

The newest Runway spinoff pits children in a fight to the death for the entertainment of the masses. And there are dresses! 2014.10.24S01.E01

The Final Fart Faces Of The Strain Should Be Required Reading

Because the Fart Is A Lonely Hunter, especially in the Fart Of Darkness. So let's get to the Fart Of The Matter. 2014.10.05S01.E13

Cops And Robbers

A lot's changed on Revenge! ...Just kidding; nothing has. 2014.09.29S04.E01

The Penultimate Fart Faces Of The Strain Need A Pep Talk

Clear eyes, full farts, can't lose! 2014.09.28S01.E12

The Fart Faces Of The Strain Make Some Bad Choices

The basement of a looted market, abandoned subway tunnels...What are Places You Shouldn't Go When New York Is Overrun With Vampires? Correct! 2014.09.21S01.E11

Finally, Someone Tells Sonya To Get Rid Of That Ugly Jacket

It HAD to be said. Too bad the advice comes from someone whose advice on fashion -- or anything else -- Sonya is likely to ignore. 2014.09.17S02.E11

The Friendly Fart Faces Of The Strain

In a world where friendship is NOT magic. And a friend in need is probably a vampire. 2014.09.14S01.E10

The Sexy Fart Faces Of The Strain

Think some people can't get turned on by those gross vampire mouth things? Think again! 2014.09.07S01.E09

Meet Peter Parnie Michaels!

Oh, there'll definitely be Lost Boys. 2014.09.03

The Final Fart Faces Of Someone From The Strain

Knock knock. Who's there? Gas. Gas who? Gas who doesn't make it out of this episode! 2014.08.31S01.E08

About To Bail

Everyone's busted: Carter, literally; David, literarily; Taylor and Max in flagrante. And Elizabeth feels ways about things. 2014.08.27S01.E09

The Battle For The Planet Of The Fart Faces Of The Strain

These faces are un-fart-gettable. Unless you have terrible shart-term memory. 2014.08.24S01.E07

Dance Like Nicole Richie's Watching

A dancer transitioning to a new career gets a makeover and an Orange Is The New Black star tries red carpet looks in the latest episode of Tara's new favourite show. 2014.08.20S01.E06

Yes, Yes, We Have More Fart Faces Of The Strain

The owner of a lonely fart is much better than the owner of a broken fart. 2014.08.17S01.E06

The Silent But Deadly Fart Faces Of The Strain

The fart wants what it wants. 2014.08.10S01.E05


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