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Fahrenheit Fart 51

Fart Faces Of Chicago Fire kicks off the three-part Dick Wolf crossoversplosion. 2015.04.28S03.E21

Be A Private Detective, Or Just Look Like One

For Dick Week, we've assembled the ultimate private detective outfit with the help of some of TV's greatest dicks. 2015.03.26

Murder Most Foul

The Fart Faces Of Secrets & Lies think the case against Ben Crawford really stinks. 2015.03.22S01.E05

'I Need To Change The Narrative!'

Rogelio, the victim of a super-mean gif? UNACCEPTABLE. #JusticeForRogelio! 2015.03.17S01.E16

Mickey's B-Plot Sends 'Em Russian For The Exits

While Nick entertains a visiting Russian food producer (and Rose sneaks his son away for some fun), Mickey tries to make friends with their bodyguard, Boris. Surprise! It's annoying. 2015.03.03S02.E09

Crappy Little Mickey Has A Crappy Little Friend

Turns out the only thing that can make Mickey more unbearable is a plotline that has her hiding this little goon Ernie who ran away from the orphanage. 2015.02.17S02.E07

The First Mickey-Centric Rags To Riches Is As Horrifying As We All Assumed It Would Be

Rose's problematic 'sexist chemistry teacher'/'triumph through cheating' A-plot is less hideous than Mickey's first shot at her own storyline: some BS about selling Girl Scout cookies. And here it is. 2015.01.20S02.E03

It's Not Because She's A Lesbian

Crickett looks for lady love, Lemon sours on her seafaring adventure, and Zoe stalks Wade. In formal shorts. Drink! 2014.12.16S04.E01

Morituri Patti Salutamos

The Millionaire Matchmaker returns with Melyssa Ford, Larry Birkhead, and all manner of nutty faces. 2014.12.07S08.E01

Rags To Riches Takes Us Back To 1961, When Girls Wore Berets, Military Brooches, And Oversized Blazers

Episode 3 is such a new low for '60s fashions that we had to bring you documentary proof. 2014.11.25S01.E03

It's Only Natural

When Dre's mother comes for a visit, Diane's scalp is but one battleground. Fortunately, everyone's looking cute. 2014.11.20S01.E08

Kenya's Victory Lap

Labeled a ho and drowning in woe, she's finally getting some vindication. 2014.11.17S07.E02

Broad City? More Like Meme City.

Using every part of the buffalo that is the Season 2 trailer. 2014.11.11

Season 7 Kicks Off With Pristine Whites And Prison Blues

Phaedra's oblivious to Apollo's screed, and has the carefree resortwear to prove it. 2014.11.10S07.E01

A Thin Line Between Love And Hate

One of The Doctor's oldest enemies gets a new identity. 2014.11.02S08.E11

Demon-Fighting Duds

That's John Constantine's look and he's sticking to it. 2014.11.01S01.E02

Paris Has A Lot Of Stripes And Polka Dots

Three more kids make six more dresses, and then hopes and dreams get crushed. 2014.10.31S01.E02

Houses Of The Unholy

Ems hopes a real-estate deal will bring her father back to her; Sarah D. Bunting hopes the CEO of Schemey Doofus LLC will buy a packet of undershirts one of these days. 2014.10.27S04.E05

The Children Are Our Future

The newest Runway spinoff pits children in a fight to the death for the entertainment of the masses. And there are dresses! 2014.10.24S01.E01

The Final Fart Faces Of The Strain Should Be Required Reading

Because the Fart Is A Lonely Hunter, especially in the Fart Of Darkness. So let's get to the Fart Of The Matter. 2014.10.05S01.E13


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