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David's Right In The Visual Aids: Beverly Hills, 90210's 'Commencement' Makes A Good Sleep Aid

It's high school's last hurrah for the gang, and the best episode ever for fans of royal blue gowns. 2016.04.18S03.E29

These Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Are Out Of Order, Mr. Walsh!

And Superintendent Ephardt is not having it! Until he's outvoted. 2016.04.14S03.E28

Some Shite To Remember

Steve's not the only one who thinks the Visual Aids for Beverly Hills, 90210 S03.E27 might call for an extra bottle. 2016.04.11S03.E27

There's More Than One Kind Of Pill In This Very Special Episode

And it's kerfuffling with its best friend in the Visual Aids for S03.E24, 'Perfectly Perfect.' 2016.03.25S03.E24

'And You'll Think'

Think horribly ill of everyone in the Visual Aids for Beverly Hills, 90210 S03.E23, that is! (Shut up, Gil.) 2016.03.21S03.E23

Beverly Hills, 90210 Makes Dylan Dust Off His Duster...To Grieve In?

And you might need a bottle of something brown to get through the Visual Aids for 'The Child Is Father To The Man.' 2016.03.17S03.E22

Bachelor Ben's Fairy Tale Comes To Its Crazily Ever After

Ben decides between the two crazyfaces he loves, sending one away to crazy without him for the rest of her life. 2016.03.15S20.E11

Beverly Hills, 90210 Battles Violence Against Women, Like What Brenda's Thong Is Doing

The 'Dead End' Visual Aids are also trying to smother you in Jack McKay's many turtlenecks. 2016.03.14S03.E21

Sex-Hair's Looking At You, Kids

Our Visual Aids for Beverly Hills, 90210's 'Parental Guidance Recommended' episode are half-dressed up for company. 2016.03.10S03.E20

The Bachelor's Crazyfaces Crazily Tell All About Ben

And even Chris Harrison gets to give his work a workout! 2016.03.08S20.E10

Never Talk To The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Again!

A pictorial history of a legendary moment! Also, braying. 2016.03.07S03.E19

Beverly Hills, 90210 Tries To Make Dylan Make Up His Mind

But the thought of picking up on one and leaving the other behind sends him into fantasies of his future...and apparently also give him gas? 2016.03.03S03.E18

The Bachelor's Crazyfaces Stir It Up In Jamaica

And yes, without Olivia, it still isn't...irie. 2016.03.01S20.E09

Beverly Hills, 90210 Turns Boys Into Men

Kelly and Brenda ponder their exciting dating options in the Visual Aids for 'The Game Is Chicken.' 2016.02.29S03.E17

It's A Hometown Buffet Of The Bachelor's Crazyfaces

The remaining ladies introduce Ben to their families. Crazyfaces ensue. 2016.02.23S20.E08

For Christmas, The West Beverly Gang Is Getting Real Pissed At Each Other

Pour yourself some egg nog and drink in the Visual Aids for 'It's A Totally Happening Life'! 2016.02.19S03.E16

The Bachelor's Crazyfaces Fall Flat In The Midwest

We all miss Olivia's mug. Will we be satisfied by the show's attempt to replace it with literally every kind of sports ball there is? 2016.02.16S20.E07

Beverly Hills, 90210 Brings Families Together For Thanksgiving, And Everyone's Thrilled!

There's plenty of turkey in the Visual Aids for 'The Kindness Of Strangers.' 2016.02.15S03.E15


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