Taking you through an episode of TV with a collection of germane mini-stories.

Gotham Starts To Heat Up

The search for the Bruce Wayne's parents' killer gets some unexpected success. 2016.04.18S02.E18

The Good Wife Gives Alicia A New Opportunity To Earn That Nickname

Connor Fox's case against Peter proceeds faster than anyone would like, while a 'C-list Edward Snowden' gets detained in -- gulp -- Canada!!! 2016.04.18S07.E19

Once Upon A Time Goes Somewhere Under The Rainbow

The Underworld meets Oz when Dorothy meets Mulan and her little werewolf, too. 2016.04.18S05.E18

Call The Midwife Explores A Difficult Choice

When she finds herself in an impossible situation, one Poplar woman goes to dangerous extremes. 2016.04.17S05.E03

Outlander Does As The French Do, Which Is To Say, It's Gross

Get to know the people of 18th century Paris and all their depraved ways. 2016.04.16S02.E02

A Hex Is Cast Upon The Legends Of Tomorrow

The Legends deliver a town called Salvation, with an assist from an old friend of Rip's. 2016.04.15S01.E11

Nashville Chooses Hugs, Not Drugs

A great episode remembers the show's way more interesting when it focuses on interpersonal weirdness instead of substance problems. 2016.04.14S04.E15

Martha Learns Anew How Hard It Is To Have Any Relationship To The Americans

Philip and Elizabeth have to scramble to shore up all their relationships this week, and even Paige has to pitch in. 2016.04.13S04.E05

Empire Lets Cookie Have A Happy Birthday

But only for a little bit. 2016.04.13S02.E13

Agents Of SHIELD Takes A Trip Into The Past

Gideon Malick's shocking secret is revealed: he used to dress like he was in A Separate Peace. 2016.04.13S03.E16

iZombie's Stakes Rise

And they didn't even need a barbed wire baseball bat! 2016.04.12S02.E18

Supergirl Faces Myriad Problems

Now that National City's population has gone Walking Dead, expect similar solutions (i.e., a lot of talking). 2016.04.12S01.E19

Gotham Graduates Its Villains

The Riddler's first caper spirals out of control, and Penguin tries to recapture his old joie de vivre. 2016.04.11S02.E17

No One Whines Like Gaston On Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time revises the Beauty And The Beast story some more, as Belle learns it's hard to be good all the time when you're literally in Hell. 2016.04.11S05.E17

Call The Midwife Asks: Is Breast Always Best?

Just in case you haven't gotten in enough internet fights, lately, here's one about 'the right way' for women to feed babies. 2016.04.10S05.E02

Outlander Does The Time Warp Again

The Season 2 premieres wallows in the depression of a flash-forward before getting to the good stuff. 2016.04.09S02.E01

The Legends Of Tomorrow Take On An Heir Apparent

And one among them has to decide if he can stomach killing the kid. 2016.04.08S01.E10

Arrow Pulls Out The Big Guns

Apparently, being put in prison isn't enough to shut Damien Darhk down completely. 2016.04.07S04.E18

Nashville Takes To Mending Fences

Some relationships reach d├ętente this week -- including one involving this lady. 2016.04.07S04.E14