Taking you through an episode of TV with a collection of germane mini-stories.

Agents Of SHIELD Takes A Trip Into The Past

Gideon Malick's shocking secret is revealed: he used to dress like he was in A Separate Peace. 2016.04.13S03.E16

iZombie's Stakes Rise

And they didn't even need a barbed wire baseball bat! 2016.04.12S02.E18

Supergirl Faces Myriad Problems

Now that National City's population has gone Walking Dead, expect similar solutions (i.e., a lot of talking). 2016.04.12S01.E19

Gotham Graduates Its Villains

The Riddler's first caper spirals out of control, and Penguin tries to recapture his old joie de vivre. 2016.04.11S02.E17

No One Whines Like Gaston On Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time revises the Beauty And The Beast story some more, as Belle learns it's hard to be good all the time when you're literally in Hell. 2016.04.11S05.E17

Call The Midwife Asks: Is Breast Always Best?

Just in case you haven't gotten in enough internet fights, lately, here's one about 'the right way' for women to feed babies. 2016.04.10S05.E02

Outlander Does The Time Warp Again

The Season 2 premieres wallows in the depression of a flash-forward before getting to the good stuff. 2016.04.09S02.E01

The Legends Of Tomorrow Take On An Heir Apparent

And one among them has to decide if he can stomach killing the kid. 2016.04.08S01.E10

Arrow Pulls Out The Big Guns

Apparently, being put in prison isn't enough to shut Damien Darhk down completely. 2016.04.07S04.E18

Nashville Takes To Mending Fences

Some relationships reach d├ętente this week -- including one involving this lady. 2016.04.07S04.E14

The Americans Puts A Quartet Under Quarantine

The Illegals deal with the after-effects of possible Glanders exposure. Across town, Paige tries not to lose her mind with terror and guilt. 2016.04.06S04.E04

Empire Lards The Bard

Empire REALLY wants you to describe this episode as 'Shakespearean.' 2016.04.06S02.E12

Agents Of SHIELD Looks Toward The Future

Everybody always wants to change the future. No one gets prophetic visions and decides everything's going to be okay. 2016.04.06S03.E15

Everyone On iZombie Has A Terrible Plan

Bad decisions abound in the penultimate episode of iZombie's second season. 2016.04.06S02.E17

Hades And The Wicked Witch Meet Cute On Once Upon A Time

Is the most villainous bicycle ride in history also the most romantic? 2016.04.04S05.E16

A Finale Falls Off A Cliff(hanger) On The Walking Dead

Negan is finally here, but you'll have to wait months to find out what he actually did. 2016.04.04S06.E16

Scandal Delivers More Politics As Usual

The Presidential candidates (and their campaign managers) wheel and deal, dirtily. 2016.04.01S05.E16

The Legends Of Tomorrow Experience A Past Prologue

Sara's past with the League of Assassins comes into sharp relief. 2016.04.01S01.E09