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Marriage Of Convenience

Fitz wants to marry Olivia so that she won't have to testify against him in front of Congress. Romantic! 2015.10.30S05.E06

American Horror Story: Hotel Throws A Party People Will Be Talking About For Minutes

Most of the cast forgot to RSVP to March's annual Devil's Night Party. Luckily, every serial killer with a Wikipedia page is in town to fill their seats. 2015.10.29S05.E04

The Longer She Spends Away From Nashville, The Less Juliette Can Control Her Selfie

A fan has the bad luck to insert herself into the immediate aftermath of Avery's divorce demands. Plus! Big progress is made in the development of Luke Wheeler's lifestyle brand!!! 2015.10.29S04.E06

Arrow Makes Friends Of Enemies

Also there's a new Arrowlair. And yes, it has a salmon ladder. 2015.10.29S04.E04

Agents of SHIELD Goes Blue

It's kind of like The Martian, but with a dash of Lost. 2015.10.28S03.E05

iZombie Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool

Will Liv walk the line or stand by her man? 2015.10.28S02.E04

Two Become One, Mark Two

The S.T.A.R. crew races to find another Firestorm partner for Stein. 2015.10.28S02.E04

Fly, Girl

TV's newest superhero contends with her own personal Kryptonite. And actual Kryptonite. 2015.10.26S01.E01

Gotham Cleans Up The Streets

If enough criminals kill each other, that should eventually mean there are only law-abiding citizens left, right? 2015.10.26S02.E06

Once Upon A Time Indulges Its Misty Watercolored Memories

Once Upon A Time delivers possibly the best episode of the season so far, despite a heavy focus on Henry...learning to use a sword. 2015.10.26S05.E05

The Outnumbered

The herd finally catches up with those trying to save Alexandria, in the worst ways possible. 2015.10.26S06.E03

Bloody Carrie

As Saul puts one plan in motion, Quinn and Carrie discover another he may not know about. 2015.10.25S05.E04

Spin Control

Congress decides to investigate Fitz for possible impeachment-level offenses while Liv tries to publicly rehabilitate her image. 2015.10.23S05.E05

Donovan And Iris Try To Check Out Of American Horror Story: Hotel But They…Well, You Know

Donovan's a snot, Elizabeth Taylor's the best, and Lady Gaga makes out with yet another gay actor. 2015.10.22S05.E03

Nashville Goes To Natchez For Some Real Talk About Beverly

While Deacon and Scarlett clean out Beverly's house and stay out of each other's way...for a while, Juliette fails at parenting both her own child, and one of Rayna's. 2015.10.22S04.E05

Arrow Splits Up The Team

While half of Team Arrow is in Nanda Parbat, the boys reach an understanding in Star City. 2015.10.22S04.E03

Praise The Lord And Pass The Empire

When Andre decides to get baptized, a couple cats hop out of the bag. 2015.10.22S02.E05

Amateur Actors And YouTube Stars Have A Rough Week On Scream Queens

Was the lesbian always just cannon fodder? 2015.10.21S01.E06

What Do You Get The iZombie Who Has Everything?

It's Liv's birthday, but the party is kind of a dog. 2015.10.21S02.E03


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