Oh C'mon!

Even voracious consumers of TV have to draw the line somewhere. Here are some of the lines we've drawn.

Suddenly, The Writing On American Gods Stinks Like Laura's Undead Face

After several excellent episodes, things take a downward turn in 'A Murder Of Gods.' 2017.06.04S01.E06

Has The Plot Of Iron Fist Become Completely Incomprehensible In S01.E10?

Or does the show just totally suck at explaining WTF is happening? 2017.03.23S01.E10

Is Victoria Aiming For Greatness?

Maybe Albert's just being nice. 2017.03.05S01.E08

How To Get Away With Murder Delivers A Whole Lot Of Not Much

The two-hour season finale should have lasted about eight minutes. 2017.02.24S03.E14

Our Blather, Who Art In Benson, Hallowed Be Thy Lame Law & Order: SVU

Thy boredom come, thy chill be gone, inert as it is unleavened. ...An episode so egregiously sanctimonious and self-regarding, it forced a format change. 2017.02.23S18.E12

Timeless Roars Into 1920s Paris

But events in the present prove far more interesting, believe it or not. 2017.02.07S01.E14

The Fullest Fuller House Is Also The Spookiest

It’s Halloween in S02.E04, so let’s just throw out all time and logic! 2016.12.13S02.E04

Better Dead Than Red On Rectify

A return, somewhat, to the elliptical writing of yore -- but as Teddy takes aim at the dancing man, the writing misfires with Chloe again. 2016.11.30S04.E06

Timeless Tries To Tell Us What's Going On With The 1969 Moon Landing

But instead ends up spiraling out of the orbit of credibility. 2016.11.28S01.E08

Is Supergirl Becoming A Supporting Character On Her Own Show?

Kara's friends have problems of their own; are they going to suck the life out of her? 2016.11.15S02.E06

From Gun Control To Reproductive Rights, Keeping Up With The Kardashians Engages With The Issues

Al Lowe has given up trying to deny that this show is what the world needs now. 2016.11.14S12.E20

Westworld Forces Us To Ask, 'How Naked Is Too Naked?'

Maybe when the bits and bobs distract from the story? 2016.10.30S01.E05

Frequency's Credibility Is A Bloody Mess

If you want the audience to buy the big crazy thing at the center of your story, you can't screw up the small stuff. 2016.10.19S01.E03

Have Rob & Chyna Hit A Baby Bump In The Road?

Or will someone, anyone get it together in time to save that poor child from her DNA? 2016.10.10S01.E05

JonBenét: An American Murder Mystery Buries The Lede

Interesting information got shoved out of the way by a bad-touching attention whore. Why? 2016.09.15

Dipping A Toe Into JonBenét: An American Murder Mystery's 'Pool Of Suspects'

A couple of theories work in the second installment of ID's special; a couple don't. 2016.09.14

JonBenét: An American Murder Mystery, Or 'Things Not To Do In Your JonBenét Special'

Investigation Discovery's contribution to the 9,146 hours of case programming this autumn actually isn't THAT bad, but Sarah D. Bunting has kind of had it with a few things. 2016.09.13

A Drug-Making Montage Homage (Or Ripoff?) Plagues Fear The Walking Dead

It would be less egregious if this weren't already an AMC spinoff. 2016.09.12S02.E11

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Rolls Back The Odom-eter

Cue up the slapping Chymoji, because Al Lowe is burnt on these idiots. 2016.08.22S12.E13

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