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Watch Late Night's Amber Ruffin Read And Annotate Donald Trump's Disastrous Speech Kicking Off Black History Month

It was a bad speech, but you may not appreciate HOW bad until you hear writer Amber Ruffin walk you through it. 2017.02.02

Watch Jon Stewart Read More Of Donald Trump's Executive Orders On The Late Show

'Is this your Donald Trump impression?' 'I thought this is how men dress now...super-long tie, dead animal on head. Boom.' 2017.02.01

Watch Seth Meyers Explain Brand-New Teen Slang From 'Skeeve Bannon' To 'Wikisaurus' On Late Night

The latter is when you write a term paper using nothing but Wikipedia and a thesaurus. The former...we'll get there. 2017.02.01

Watch The Late Late Show's Response To The Travel Ban

Warning: may cause you to get grilled cheese for lunch. 2017.01.31

Watch Late Night Take A Closer Look At Trump's Muslim Travel Ban

'"I do have a big heart, or as my doctor calls it, 'enlarged.'"' 2017.01.31

A&E Renews 60 Days In For Two More Seasons

A round of pruno for all! 2017.01.30

NBC Picks Up The Good Place For A Second Season

To the fans who thought they might be forked: good news! 2017.01.30

Watch 'Period Sex,' The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Video Too Dirty To Air On The CW

To be fair, it does contain the lyric 'slip and slide into some period sex.' 2017.01.30

Watch A Trailer For The Profit Competition Spinoff The Partner

Looks like it's bringing all the drama of the parent show. 2017.01.27

Watch Late Night Take A Closer Look At Trump's Latest Lies And Border Wall Humiliation

'Trump doesn't have the makeup of a Navy SEAL. It's more like the Navy porpoise.' 2017.01.27

Watch Full Frontal's Report On The Women's March

Get your pussy hat; prepare to toss it in the air. 2017.01.26

Watch Late Night Take A Closer Look At Donald Trump's Insistence On Spreading Debunked Conspiracy Theories

From his tweets, it sometimes seems like Donald Trump watches more TV than we should, which...should not be? The case? At all? 2017.01.26

Watch Throwing Shade's Recap Of Donald Trump's Inauguration

Including a peek behind the curtain at the valiant efforts of the event's talent bookers! 2017.01.25

Watch Retta And Seth Meyers Do Some Day Drinking On Late Night

Day drinking can be very classy and elegant, but not if you start with tequila shots and then move on to making your own swampwater cocktails. 2017.01.25

Watch A Teaser For The Final Season Of The Leftovers

If you can stand to stare down something so grim today, that is. 2017.01.24


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