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Watch Stephen Colbert's Closing Monologue From The Late Show's Live Election Special

'You cannot laugh and be afraid at the same time.' Does hysterical cackling count? 2016.11.09

Preview Rob Riggle's Take On N.W.A.'s 'Express Yourself' From This Week's Lip Sync Battle

Lip-syncing to a rap track: extra points for difficulty! 2016.11.08S03.E05

Watch Jon Stewart Join The Late Show's Musical Number About The Importance Of Voting

Also Hamilton's Javier Muñoz, who urges you not to give away your shot. 2016.11.08

Watch Last Week Tonight's Report On Multilevel Marketing

Make some of that soup your neighbour pressured you into buying off him first. 2016.11.07S02.E29

Watch A Trailer For Season 6 Of Homeland

Carrie's in a New York state of (chemically imbalanced) mind! 2016.11.04

Fox Renews The Simpsons For A Record-Breaking 29th And 30th Season

Prediction: you'll continue not watching? 2016.11.04

Dave Chappelle Will Host Saturday Night Live November 12

Perfect time to revive his blind black Klansman character. (Sadly.) 2016.11.04S42.E06

Watch A Supercut Of Game Of Thrones That Includes Powerful Scenes Of Every Season

HBO should probably consider hiring this TheGaroStudios dude for future promos. 2016.11.04