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Watch Jennifer Aniston Play Sumo Charades With Ellen

Shimmying didn't go quite as well as twerking. 2016.11.30S14.E60

Watch Kyra Sedgwick And Matthew Broderick Scandalize Andy Cohen On Watch What Happens Live

Apparently they dated in high school...OR DID THEY?! (They did.) (Maybe?) 2016.11.30

Watch Senator Bernie Sanders Call Trump Tweets 'Delusional' And 'Insane' On Conan

And in the most matter-of-fact way, which makes it even more withering. 2016.11.30

Watch Leah Remini Explain How Tom Cruise's Wedding Broke Her On E! News

A clip from tonight's ep explains some of her reasons for leaving Scientology. 2016.11.29

Vote For Your 'Favorite' Blow-Up From The Profit

Oh, Standard Burger bros. Just break up with each other already. 2016.11.29

Watch Chris Noth Read An Excerpt From Andy Cohen's New Book

With swears! Well, one swear, but he makes it count. 2016.11.29

Watch A New Trailer For VH1's America's Next Top Model

'It's all about being a boss.' - Rita Ora. 2016.11.28

Will E!'s Official Trailer Make YOU Say 'I Do' To Mariah's World?

She had Buntsy at 'I didn't have it in me to do the usual Mariah "be nice to everybody" thing.' 2016.11.28

Watch A Trailer For Pete Holmes's New HBO Sitcom, Crashing

Depending how well you know Holmes's work, it may feel very familiar. 2016.11.23

Watch Late Night Take A Closer Look At Donald Trump's Financial Conflicts Of Interest

Surprisingly, this is just over seven minutes long, not seven hours. 2016.11.23

Watch A Teaser For The Final Season Of Girls

Hi Elijah! Hi everyone else. 2016.11.22