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Watch Late Night Take A Closer Look At The 'Deal' Donald Trump 'Negotiated' To 'Save' Jobs At Carrier

'Donald Trump does have a tendency to "lie his ass off." That's why Chris Christie is always there to catch it.' 2016.12.09

Watch The Highlights Of Conan's Trip To Berlin

He's only a very bad boy for some of it. 2016.12.08

Watch Seth Meyers Deliver A Message To Media Normalizing White Supremacists In Late Night's Latest 'Hey!'

Even respectable outlets are guilty. But Seth has had enough, and he's ready to 'Hey!' about it. 2016.12.07

Watch The Extended Trailer For Madonna's 'Rebel Heart' Tour Film

Music! Makes the people! Come together! 2016.12.07

Watch John Cena's Saturday Night Live Promo

In which he reveals he already has a favourite cast member. 2016.12.07S42.E09

Watch Ellen's Average Andy Learn How To Be A Radio City Rockette

Including a special appearance by Andy's Above Average mom! 2016.12.06

Watch Full Frontal Enumerate The Ways President-Elect Trump Is Eroding Confidence In American Government

Looks like we're all going to have to become experts on the emoluments clause, for a start. 2016.12.06

Watch A Trailer For Marvel's Next TV Series, Legion

Oh, Cousin Matthew. You have changed. 2016.12.06

Watch Late Night Take A Closer Look At Donald Trump's Conspiracy-Mongering

If Seth Meyers thought he'd come back from a week off to nothing that required A Closer Look...well, surely he never thought that. 2016.12.06

Watch The Ladies Of Fuller House Translate Emoji Rebuses On Ellen

And one of them is a little naughtier than you might have guessed. 2016.12.05

Netflix Renews Luke Cage For A Second Season

Sweet Christmas indeed! 2016.12.05