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Watch An Extended Trailer For The CW's Riverdale

More like Pretty Little Archies. 2016.12.22

Watch Late Night Take A Closer Look At Climate Change Under President Trump

'As one climate scientist put it, "What happens in the Arctic doesn't stay in the Arctic" -- a lesson I learned the hard way when I went to the Arctic for a bachelor party and hooked up with a penguin.' 2016.12.22

Watch Debra Messing Surprise New Yorkers For The Holidays On Billy On The Street

It's a reprise of the most iconic BOTS segment ever! (If you ask Debra Messing to pick her favourite.) 2016.12.21S05.E06

Watch A Trailer For Netflix's New Sci-Fi Drama Series, Travelers

Pictured: the face TV critics made when they found out Netflix was dropping another whole series of a new show on December 23. 2016.12.21

Watch A Very Playing House Gift-Wrapping Tutorial

The lead pic is kind of a spoiler as to who's better at it...yet, if you watch the show, also kind of not a spoiler at all. 2016.12.21

Watch An A Cappella Cover Of The Westworld Theme Song

One that might make it so you can't look at Dolores the same way again. 2016.12.20

Watch Full Frontal Prove False Right-Wingers' Choice Between Helping Refugees And Helping Veterans

Definitely watch this and not the Glenn Beck interview, anyway. 2016.12.20

Preview Late Night's Closer Look At The Republican Party's Power Grab In North Carolina

'Democracy isn't something that succeeds on its own. If it's going to survive, we have to fight for it.' So true, Seth. Revolution!!! 2016.12.19

Watch A Supercut Of The Best News Bloopers Of 2016

Finally, news clips that will make you happy this year. 2016.12.16

Watch Mariah Carey Headline A Star-Studded Christmas Carpool Karaoke

Some Christmas songs are such bangers that one pop star is not enough. 2016.12.16