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Watch Late Night Take A Closer Look At The Chaos Of Donald Trump's Presidential Transition

Or the 'very organized' process, depending on who you follow on Twitter. 2016.11.18

Preview Rob Practising His Child Care Skills On Sunday's Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Maybe he's learned toddlers don't like to sit on paving stones? 2016.11.17S12.E21

Watch Late Night's Thanksgiving Edition Of Ya Burnt!

Over the river and through the wood to get BURNT! 2016.11.17

Watch Chris Gethard Perform A Scene From Career Suicide, His One-Man Show, On The Late Show

This could be captioned 'Great/Terrible Moments In Problem Drinking.' 2016.11.16

Watch Late Night Take A Closer Look At Donald Trump's Campaign Promises

Not that we necessarily want them all kept, but geez. 2016.11.16

Watch A Trailer For HBO's Documentary The Trans List

And let's hope it can open some minds. 2016.11.16

Watch A Teaser For Season 2 Of Humans

You've heard of 'em. 2016.11.15

Watch Full Frontal's Report On Donald Trump's Cabinet Appointments

Seems like she's not sure Reince is going to be around long! 2016.11.15

Watch Late Night Take A Closer Look At Donald Trump's First Few Days As President-Elect

Some media might be normalizing Steve Bannon's hiring, for instance. Not Seth Meyers! 2016.11.15