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Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson Tell The Late Show Why He Has No Remorse About Demoting Pluto From Its Former Planet Status

Also: what it means for the U.S. to have lost its 'science mojo,' and how wrong Scott Pruitt is about climate change. 2017.03.15

Watch Throwing Shade Spoof The New York Times 'Weekender' In An 'Ad' For Breitbart

'At Breitbart, you get opinions from the right and the left of the extreme fringe of the far right.' 2017.03.15

Watch Late Night's Promo For The New Dating Service Trump Mingle

'Are you ready to tear down that wall around your heart?' 2017.03.15

Watch The Latest Trailer For Season 6 Of Veep

'Give the people what they want,' indeed. 2017.03.14

Watch A Teaser For Peter Capaldi's Final Season Of Doctor Who

Or, if you prefer, 'the gateway to everything that ever was.' 2017.03.14

Preview Late Night's Closer Look At Donald Trump's Lies About Health Care And His Having Been Wiretapped

'One thing that happens when you make as many wild, unproven claims as Trump does is that the people around you have to go to increasingly ridiculous lengths to try to defend those claims.' 2017.03.13

Watch Last Week Tonight's Report On The House GOPs' Obamacare Replacement

Including the return of the Catheter Cowboy! 2017.03.13S04.E05

Watch A Haunting New Teaser For The Handmaid's Tale

Terrorizing participants in a peaceful protest, you say? Good thing this story is completely fictional! 2017.03.09

Watch Anderson Cooper Tell The Late Show Where He Stands With Kellyanne Conway And Other Members Of Trump's Administration

'At one point in the interview, she said something to me along the lines of, like, "We may have to rethink the relationship we have." I was like, "We don't have a relationship!"' 2017.03.07

Watch Last Week Tonight's Report On The Dalai Lama

Including an interview with the Lama himself! 2017.03.06S04.E04

Watch Late Night Take A Closer Look At The Lead-Up To Donald Trump's Address To A Joint Session Of Congress

Where is our president taking his legal pad and Sharpie to write his speech this time? 2017.02.27

In Case You Missed Last Night's Steve Harveyian Oscars Best Picture Gaffe, Here It Is

Good line from Kimmel, but man is La La Land's 'win' uncomfortable. 2017.02.27

Preview Late Night's Response To The Trump Administration's Reversal Of Protections For Trans Students In Public Schools

'Hey! Just because you want to bring back coal mining doesn't mean you have to bring back everything from the 1800s.' 2017.02.23

Watch Ellen Help Jimmy Kimmel Get Ready To Host The Oscars

'I feel like I'm gonna end up on the no-fly list.' 2017.02.23

Preview Late Night's Closer Look At Donald Trump's Immigration Policies

'"ANY INTEREST IN BUILDING A WALL, CALL ME"? Where else is he drumming up support, in bathroom stalls?' 2017.02.22

Watch A Featurette That Explains What Netflix's Iron Fist Is Actually About

Hands up, everyone who's surprised that the dude who plays the lead isn't American! [No hands are raised.] 2017.02.22

Watch Ellen's Commercial For The Many Amenities Of Mar-A-Lago

There won't be nuclear codes next to your pillow mints at Club Med! 2017.02.22

Preview Late Night's Trailer For The Very Important Award Season Film Oscar Bait

'If you like films where a character is forced to overcome a rare disease, then this, my friends, is your film.' 2017.02.21


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