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Preview An Awkward Moment Breaking Out Among Blac Chyna, Kylie Jenner, And Tyga At Khloe's Party On Rob & Chyna

'Hello, old girlfriend. Meet my new girlfriend. You've probably heard of her before. Oh, and soon she'll be one of your family members.' 2016.09.21S01.E03

Watch Jesse Tyler Ferguson And Alan Cumming Help Out With The Late Late Show With James Corden's Inappropriate Musicals

For some strange reason, a singing Heisenberg just seems way less intimidating! 2016.09.21

Watch Stephen Colbert And Michelle Obama Find Comfort In The Late Show Blanket Fort

Hey, Michelle Obama's coming over -- make sure you're stocked up on baby carrots! 2016.09.21

Watch Seth Meyers Take A Closer Look At Media Coverage Of The Chelsea Bombing

'To me, First American Fried Chicken sounds like a bank where you deposit your leftover wings.' 2016.09.21

Atlanta And Better Things Each Get Picked Up For A Second Season

Comedy writer/creators for the win! 2016.09.20

Watch A Pup-Filled Parody Of The Opening Credits Of Narcos

If you guessed it'd be called 'Barkos', you are correct. 2016.09.20

Watch Samantha Bee Beautifully Dissect Donald Trump's Week On Full Frontal

Samantha gets angry, as she should. Really, we all should. 2016.09.20

Watch James Corden Try To Reclaim His Billboard On The Late Late Show

Kevin James has about a billion, so it's only fair for Corden to have at least one. 2016.09.20

Watch Hillary Clinton Get Advice From Children On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Kids these days demand more Snapchat, less Instagram from their future president. 2016.09.20

Watch Andy Samberg Show Off Some Cool Cop Moves On Conan

For a second, you'll forget it's Samberg on stage and assume it's a real live cop! 2016.09.20

Watch This Late Show Segment For Their Celebrity Chat Line (And Then, Give Them A Call)

Stephen Colbert gives us a chance to hear even more stories about our favorite celebrities. 2016.09.19

Watch The Kids From Stranger Things Sing And Dance To 'Uptown Funk' In This Pre-Emmy Awards Clip

'How can we entertain people while they find their seats?' 'Well, uh. We have these kids here.' 2016.09.19

Watch Girls's Jemima Kirke Give Relationship Advice In Alec Baldwin's Love Ride

Ever think you'd be in a situation where you talk about fantasy sex with Alec Baldwin in front of wife Hilaria Baldwin? Oh, this show goes there. 2016.09.19

Here's A List Of The 2016 Emmy Award Winners

Who earned themselves a gold statue, and who walked away with nothing more than an elaborate gift bag? 2016.09.19

Watch Matt Damon Needle Nemesis Jimmy Kimmel About His Big Loss At The Emmys

If you can't count on your mortal enemy to rub it in when you're publicly humiliated, what CAN you count on? 2016.09.18

Watch A DNA-Themed Clip From CBS Docuseries The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey

You might never look at a battery or a flashlight the same way ever again. 2016.09.16S01.E02

John Stamos Is Giving '80s Soaps The UnREAL Treatment

He's making the project sound pretty dark, but we're kind of hoping for a Soapdish-meets-Grosse Pointe joint. 2016.09.16

Watch Bill Clinton Chat Up Trevor Noah On The Daily Show

Clinton's all like, 'Psh. Pneumonia Schneumonia. Everyone gets it. Get over it, America!' 2016.09.16

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Play 'Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts' With James Corden On The Late Late Show

What better way to celebrate the meeting of two late night hosts than with chicken feet and a fish smoothie? 2016.09.16S02.E68


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