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Watch A Supercut Of The Best News Bloopers Of 2016

Finally, news clips that will make you happy this year. 2016.12.16

Watch Mariah Carey Headline A Star-Studded Christmas Carpool Karaoke

Some Christmas songs are such bangers that one pop star is not enough. 2016.12.16

Watch Late Night Assemble Half-Baked Sketch Ideas Into A Late Night Casserole

Sometimes the germ of an idea is all you need! 2016.12.15

Watch Rachel Dratch Escape Margot Robbie's 'Moment' On Billy On The Street

'Margot made her first big splash in The Wolf Of Wall Street, directed by Martin Scorsese. Get on your knees and crawl through Martin Scorsese's bushy eyebrows!' 2016.12.14S05.E05

Watch T.J. Miller Talk To Kids About The Holidays On Ellen

'Have you guys ever thought about converting to Judaism? Because there's no naughty and nice list.' 2016.12.14

Watch Full Frontal's Ashley Nicole Black Get A Crash Course In Cybersecurity In Ms. Robot

Get ready to get really freaked out about all your devices! 2016.12.13

Watch Late Night Take A Closer Look At Donald Trump's Doubts About Russian Hacking

'"I'm, like, a smart person" is a sentence that disproves itself. It's like getting a back tattoo that says "I Make Good Decisions."' 2016.12.13

Watch A Trailer For Netflix's Mysterious New Drama The OA

'Have you seen death?' Sounds festive! 2016.12.13

Watch President Obama's Full Interview With Trevor Noah Of The Daily Show

Marvel at his grace when discussing the guy who's coming after him, for starters. 2016.12.13