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Watch Billy On The Street Introduce The Cast Of This Is Us To New Yorkers

And just in time for Emmy nomination season, WHAT ARE THE ODDS?! 2017.06.06

Preview Late Night's Closer Look At Donald Trump's Latest Embarrassing Twitter Fights

'So with all this compassion and defiance on display from actual Londoners, what was the President of the United States doing? Well, he was freaking out on Twitter and attacking the mayor of London.' 2017.06.05

Watch A Trailer For Season 4 Of Younger

'"Truth" is a four-letter word,' is it, Kristin Chenoweth? 2017.06.01

Preview Late Night's Closer Look At Trump And The GOP's Recent Difficulty Acknowledging The First Amendment

'Republicans in Congress are not in chaos. I mean, it's not like the GOP congressional candidates are out there physically assaulting people, right? Oh, wrong. Oh, incredibly wrong?' 2017.05.25

Watch A New Trailer For The Back Half Of Nashville's Fifth Season

And the father of Scarlett's baby is...jk, that is definitely not in here, duh. 2017.05.25

Preview Late Night's Closer Look At The Ways Trump's Proposed Budget Breaks Promises He Made As A Candidate

'I have a feeling math errors are what caused Trump to go bankrupt four times. "That was a great dinner. Now to leave a tip. Let's see, it was $200, 20%, that's $9 million." I'm just kidding. He never left a tip.' 2017.05.24

Watch The First Full Trailer For Season 7 Of Game Of Thrones

'Excuse me, I ordered the large throne.' 2017.05.24

Preview Late Night's Closer Look At Donald Trump's First Trip Abroad As President

'Yeah, that dude's not coming back. If he were smart, he'd put on a disguise and slip into the crowd like Hannibal Lecter at the end of Silence Of The Lambs.' 2017.05.22

Watch A Teaser For Andy Samberg's Latest Sports Spoof, Tour De Pharmacy

Another all-star cast wigs up to mock the Tour De France! 2017.05.19

Preview Late Night's Closer Look At The Ways Donald Trump Has Embarrassed Himself...Since Yesterday, Basically

'It's almost like Donald Trump is a time traveler sent to warn us about himself. "Oh my God. I'm too late!"' 2017.05.18

Watch A Trailer For The CW's Reboot Of Dynasty

Set your alarm for catfight o'clock. 2017.05.18

Watch The First Trailer For Star Trek: Discovery

Then start asking if anyone you know will give you their CBS All Access password. 2017.05.18

Preview Late Night's Closer Look At Donald Trump's Alleged Obstruction Of Justice In The FBI's Russia Investigation

'Not only is Trump corrupt: he's not even smooth about it. He sounds like a guy who tries to bribe the maître d' at a restaurant, but slips the guy a handful of loose change.' 2017.05.17

Watch Brad Pitt Join The Late Show's 'Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars'

'Hey, Brad to the bone?' 'Yeah, we ain't leavin' 'til we're Stephen?' 2017.05.17

Preview Late Night's Closer Look At Donald Trump's Latest Alleged Federal Crimes And Impeachable Offenses

'It doesn't shock me that Donald Trump went "off-script." This is a man who reads off a TelePrompTer like it's an eye chart.' 2017.05.16

Preview Late Night's Closer Look At The Latest On Trump's Firing Of James Comey And Unauthorized Sharing Of Classified Intel

'Now I know why the Russians are smiling in that photo. They must have been like, "Can you believe how easy this is?"' 2017.05.15

Preview Late Night's Closer Look At Trump's Many Different Explanations For Why He Fired James Comey

'And when the White House is clarifying the Press Secretary's position in relation to bushes, it's important to remember America is both among and in deep shit.' 2017.05.11


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