New Show Fact Sheet

How should you approach a new TV series? Armed with knowledge, that's how!

Should You Brace Yourself For Some Blunt Talk?

Patrick Stewart is a sharp-tongued cable-news anchor preaching well-meaning but ill-executed gospel. Is it worth tuning in for his message? 2015.08.21S01.E01

Should You Go Back To The Future With Steampunk'd?

Sarah D. Bunting turns a monocle towards GSN's new competition-reality show. 2015.08.19S01.E01

Should You Tail The Wags?

E! puts the game in the hands of the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes. Can they deliver a win? 2015.08.18

Should You Fight City Hall With Show Me A Hero?

David Simon and Paul Haggis's new HBO minseries wants to blow the lid off racism in 1980s Yonkers. But does it? 2015.08.14S01.E01

Should You Enroll In Startup U?

Or is Tim Draper's competitive-reality entrepreneur academy all wet? 2015.08.11S01.E01

Should You Try To Make Friends With Difficult People?

Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner live in Manhattan, where they rub everyone the wrong way...except you? 2015.08.04S01.E01

Should You Bunk In For Wet Hot American Summer?

The cult comedy gets a serialized prequel...fourteen years later. Is it just so much bug juice, or will it leave you wanting s'more? 2015.07.30S01.E01

Should You Get Scalper Tickets For Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll?

In his new sitcom, Denis Leary plays a never-was rock star surprised by the existence of his grown-up daughter. Should you jump into the mosh pit? 2015.07.16S01.E01

Should You Heat Up Some Hot Pockets And Settle In For The Jim Gaffigan Show?

The comic plays 'himself' in a new sitcom. Does it sizzle like bacon, or kind of suck like McDonald's? 2015.07.15

Should You Have A Drink With Dates?

And even if you do, should you have a friend call you after ten minutes with a fake emergency? 2015.07.08S01.E01

Should You Feel The Burn With Hollywood Cycle?

E! goes for a ride with sexy cycling instructors. But is this show fit to watch? 2015.07.06S01.E01

Does Scream Have What It Takes To Survive?

Scream desperately wants to be sexy, clever, and dangerous. Is it? 2015.07.01S01.E01

Photo: Timothy Kuratek / CBS

Should You Let Zoo Hold You Captive This Summer?

CBS's new sci-fi summer 'event series' revolves around animals attacking humans. Will you wish you could join them? 2015.06.30S01.E01

Should You Get Charged Up For AMC's Robot Drama Humans?

AMC's new British import imagines a not-so-distant future in which menial jobs are performed by androids. Is it worth watching? 2015.06.25S01.E01

Should You Prepare Your DVR For An M2M Relationship With Mr. Robot?

A too-powerful corporation faces hackers' attacks in USA's conspiracy drama. Should you get in your home position and engage? 2015.06.24

Should You Bother Learning About Another Period?

Is Comedy Central’s latest scripted series a breath of fresh air, or a thing of the past? 2015.06.23S01.E01

Is The Crimson Field Worth A Visit?

The Downton Abbey and Call The Midwife connections will draw you in, but are they enough to make you stay? 2015.06.19S01.E01

Should You Cultivate An Interest In Poldark?

A British veteran of the American Revolutionary War has to decide whether to make a go of his late father's farm while the rest of his life is in shambles. Should you dig in? 2015.06.19S01.E01

Should You Roll With Ballers?

The Rock plays a financial manager for pro athletes. Is it worth your investment? 2015.06.18S01.E01

Should You Blast Off With The Astronaut Wives Club?

ABC's new summer drama covers the early '60s space race. Does it have The Right Stuff? 2015.06.18S01.E01