New Show Fact Sheet

How should you approach a new TV series? Armed with knowledge, that's how!

Should You Keep Up With Jessica Jones?

Krysten Ritter plays a superhero with PTSD. Will you find it super or traumatic? 2015.11.20S01.E01

Should You Let Into The Badlands Cut The Line On Your DVR?

AMC's hoping its fight-filled new drama will be as addictive as...well, poppy-based narcotics, probably. Your editors consider whether to move into The Fort. 2015.11.13S01.E01

Should You Let Master Of None Rule Ten Half-Hours Of Your Life?

Aziz Ansari navigates the tricky world of dating in his new Netflix sitcom. Should you make a commitment to it? 2015.11.05

Should You Snuggle Up In Front Of The Fireplace With Après Ski?

Or will it be a cold day in hell before you watch Canadian Below Deck on skis? 2015.11.02S01.E01

Will You Pick A Side In Ash vs Evil Dead?

Is Ash as groovy now as he was thirty years ago? 2015.10.30S01.E01

Should You Fall For Wicked City?

Is Wicked City flesh for fantasy, or just dancing with itself? 2015.10.27S01.E01

Would You Be Crazy To Check Out Crazy Ex-Girlfriend?

The new CW musical comedy has a charming star but the worst title since Cougar Town. Is it worth moving across the country for? 2015.10.09S01.E01

Does Code Black Have Encouraging Vital Signs?

You've definitely seen medical dramas set in ERs before. Is this one worth (co-)paying attention to? 2015.09.30S01.E01

Should You Sustain No Objections To The Grinder?

Rob Lowe plays an actor who played a lawyer and who can't stop pretending to lawyer after the cameras stop rolling. Should you do more than pretend to watch it? 2015.09.29S01.E01

Should You Immerse Yourself In Blood And Oil?

Or will this soap only leave you feeling dirty? 2015.09.25S01.E01

Should You Report To Quantico?

ABC's new show imagines attractive, newbie FBI recruits as potential terrorists, but is there enough of a plot? 2015.09.25S01.E01

Should You Answer The Player's Call?

Will you place a bet on on yet another crime prediction show? 2015.09.24S01.E01

Will Your Interest In Limitless Be Commensurate With Its Name?

Another day, another sci-fi procedural based on a movie. Is this one worth your deep, intense focus? 2015.09.22S01.E01

Should You Light The Lights For The Muppets?

Can the new crew make a rainbow connection, or will they leave you hoping that something better comes along? 2015.09.22S01.E01

Should You Check Blindspot Before Changing Lanes?

Or is this Prison Break/Alias/John Doe cocktail best left in the rearview? 2015.09.21S01.E01

Should You Gaze Into The Future Of Crime-Fighting With Minority Report?

Steven Spielberg's 2002 movie about 'precogs' who foresee crimes is now a TV series. Should someone have tried to stop it before it started? 2015.09.21S01.E01

Does Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris Live Up To Its Title?

Octuple-threat Neil Patrick Harris is trying to bring the variety show back to network primetime. Has he succeeded? 2015.09.16S01.E01

Should You Hang With The Bastard Executioner?

A new hero from the creator of Sons Of Anarchy Wales on his enemies. 2015.09.15S01.E01

Should You Examine The Missing Evidence?

Smithsonian Channel tries to solve unsolved mysteries. Sarah D. Bunting takes the case. 2015.08.30S01.E01