New Show Fact Sheet

How should you approach a new TV series? Armed with knowledge, that's how!

Should You Wait For Parents To Leave And Then Sneak Your Boyfriend Over For Idiotsitter?

Comedy Central has a new sitcom created by and starring two young women. Would you be an idiot to ignore it? 2016.01.14S01.E01

Should You Give Second Chance A Chance?

So Facebook and Frankenstein's monster walk into a bar... 2016.01.13S01.E01

Should You Run With The Shadowhunters Of The Night?

Just take Adam's hand: this show's all right! 2016.01.12S01.E01

Should You Enter A Shades Of Blue Period?

NBC's J. Liotta take on a police-corruption double-cross is flawed in its inception...but it might still work. 2016.01.07S01.E01

Should Angel From Hell Have Stayed There?

Should you watch Jane Lynch's new vehicle about a guardian angel and her charge now, or wait for a cold day know? 2016.01.07S01.E01

Should You Venture Into Discovery's Killing Fields?

Or is the ground of this crime-show style too well-trodden? Sarah D. Bunting reports. 2016.01.05S01.E01

Is Lifetime's Pitch Slapped Aca-Awesome?

The new docuseries is betting you still really love a cappella puns and cheesy competition. But will you? 2016.01.05S01.E01

Does Making A Murderer Win On Appeal?

Netflix drops its bombshell true-crime case series right before the holidays. Is it a gift, or a lump of coal? 2015.12.17S01.E01

Should You Reopen The Cases On Barbara Walters Presents American Scandals?

The veteran newswoman returns to Investigation Discovery, and some of her best 'gets.' 2015.12.09

Should You Send A Valentine To #BlackLove?

Married At First Sight alumna Monet and several of her friends try to work on themselves in order to develop better romantic relationships. Will you fall for it? 2015.12.08S01.E01

Should You Develop An Addiction To Telenovela?

NBC's new sitcom takes you behind the scenes at a Spanish-language soap opera. Is it muy caliente or no bueno? 2015.12.07S01.E01

Should You Take Up Residence In The High Castle?

In The Man In The High Castle, the Nazis won WWII. Is it a world you should visit? 2015.11.23S01.E01

Should You Keep Up With Jessica Jones?

Krysten Ritter plays a superhero with PTSD. Will you find it super or traumatic? 2015.11.20S01.E01

Should You Let Into The Badlands Cut The Line On Your DVR?

AMC's hoping its fight-filled new drama will be as addictive as...well, poppy-based narcotics, probably. Your editors consider whether to move into The Fort. 2015.11.13S01.E01

Should You Let Master Of None Rule Ten Half-Hours Of Your Life?

Aziz Ansari navigates the tricky world of dating in his new Netflix sitcom. Should you make a commitment to it? 2015.11.05

Should You Snuggle Up In Front Of The Fireplace With Après Ski?

Or will it be a cold day in hell before you watch Canadian Below Deck on skis? 2015.11.02S01.E01

Will You Pick A Side In Ash vs Evil Dead?

Is Ash as groovy now as he was thirty years ago? 2015.10.30S01.E01

Should You Fall For Wicked City?

Is Wicked City flesh for fantasy, or just dancing with itself? 2015.10.27S01.E01