New Show Fact Sheet

How should you approach a new TV series? Armed with knowledge, that's how!

Is Designated Survivor Worth Living For?

Kiefer Sutherland wonders whether he's up for the ultimate promotion. Are you up for the result? 2016.09.21S01.E01

Should You Give Lethal Weapon A Shot?

Or are you too old for this...stuff? 2016.09.21S01.E01

Should You Give Speechless Your Full-Throated Endorsement?

ABC's new sitcom revolves around a family trying not to let a teen's disability limit his opportunities. There's no question it's important -- but is it funny? 2016.09.21S01.E01

Should You Go-See Oxygen's Trans Model Reality Show Strut?

The gorgeous glamazons of the Slay modeling agency let you see what their professional and personal lives are like. Will you be interested? 2016.09.20S01.E01

Should You Fall For CBS's Dr. Phil-Inspired Load Of Bull?

Or is it guilty of great-man fluffing? Sarah D. Bunting renders a judgment. 2016.09.20S01.E01

Is This Is Us Too Much Us Or Just Enough?

Prepare to cry, Generations X and Y. Our Thirtysomething has arrived. 2016.09.20S01.E01

Should You Spend Time In The Good Place, Or Does It Feel Like An Eternity?

A terrible person ends up in some version of Heaven, and has to figure out how to stay there. Should you join her? 2016.09.19S01.E01

Should You Partake In Some Tokes -- 'Partoke,' If You Will -- Of High Maintenance?

The popular web comedy is now on actual television boxes on HBO, as well as its streaming platforms. It won't take more than 420 minutes of your time, so is it worth watching? 2016.09.16S01.E01

Should You Adopt Son Of Zorn?

A He-Manesque hero changes his life to try to work on fatherhood in Fox's new semi-animated sitcom. Should you join him? 2016.09.09S01.E01

Is There Anything Worth Mining In Quarry?

Or is Cinemax's new crime drama a load of fool's gold? 2016.09.09S01.E01

Should You Be Happy-Sad With Tig Notaro's Dramedy One Mississippi?

Years of mounting cred and visibility have finally landed Notaro her own series. Is that a good thing? 2016.09.09S01.E01

Should You Bet On Better Things?

Louis C.K. collaborates with his former Louie sparring partner Pamela Adlon for a sitcom about the life of a fortysomething working actor/working mom. Is it, in fact, Better than most Things on TV? 2016.09.08S01.E01

Should You Seek Out Finding Prince Charming?

Logo's much-buzzed-about gay dating show is finally here. Is it an equal right worth fighting for, or a trick gone wrong? 2016.09.08S01.E01

Is Queen Sugar A Sweet Escape, Or Will It Leave A Sour Taste?

Does Ava DuVernay's new drama series have the potential to rule the airwaves? 2016.09.07S01.E01

Welcome To Atlanta, Where The Players Play

Are you ready to get down with Donald Glover's homage to A-Town? 2016.09.06S01.E01

Is Cleveland Hustles A Biz-Dev Show Fit For A King (James)?

LeBron makes good on his promise to give back...with an entrepreneurial face-off show on CNBC. Should it score a season pass? 2016.08.24S01.E01

Should You Get Ready (Okay!) To Cheer For Cheer Squad?

Freeform's new docuseries follows elite cheerleaders looking to defend their world champion title. Is it worth jumping up and down about? 2016.08.22S01.E01

Should You Get The Message Of The Get Down?

Or will Baz Luhrmann's new series be like a jungle and make you wonder how you keep from going under? 2016.08.12S01.E01

Should You Send Vice Principals To In-School Suspension?

The dudes from Eastbound & Down are taking on public education. Was that a good idea? 2016.07.15S01.E01

Should You Let Stranger Things Take You On A Retro-Creepy Adventure?

Does Winona Ryder make monster magic in her new TV vehicle? 2016.07.15S01.E01