New Show Fact Sheet

How should you approach a new TV series? Armed with knowledge, that's how!

Should You Fill A Prescription For Doctor Thorne?

Julian Fellowes's first post-Downton series is...another period tale about rich people passing down property. Is it (doctor's) appointment TV? 2016.05.19S01.E01

Should You Make A Date With Coupled?

Or have you already seen too many dating shows where men and women mingle and canoodle in a tropical setting? 2016.05.17S01.E01

Should You Dip A Toe Into Below Deck Mediterranean?

Or are you (sea-)sick of the yachtie-strife franchise as it is? 2016.05.03S01.E01

Should You Lock Yourself In With Houdini & Doyle?

Or does it fail to escape the trappings of the average procedural? 2016.05.02S01.E01

Should You Get On The Case With Sports Detectives?

Smithsonian Channel gamely blends History's Mysteries, Catfish, and 30 For 30. 2016.04.22S01.E01

Should You Go Willingly Into Containment?

Or will The CW's new apocalyptic thriller make you lovingly embrace the end of the world? 2016.04.19S01.E01

Should You Indulge In The Night Manager's Top Secret Amenities?

The British miniseries adapts a John le Carré spy novel, but does it crack the code? 2016.04.19S01.E01

Should You Hunt Down The Last Panthers?

Or is the Euro-crime drama too dark and gritty? 2016.04.13S01.E01

Should You Play Game Of Silence?

Childhood friends team up to avenge long-ago abuse in an adaptation of a well-regarded Turkish series. Should you join them? 2016.04.12S01.E01

Should You Uncork The Wine Show?

Or should you leave it on the shelf? 2016.04.11S01.E01

Does The Girlfriend Experience Give Viewers A Happy Ending?

So long as you're paying for good looks and not a good heart, you'll come away satisfied. 2016.04.08S01.E01

Should You Take A Drive Down Memory Lane With Rush Hour?

A 1998-vintage buddy cop movie makes its way to CBS. Are you ready to spend some time with the discount millennial editions of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker? 2016.03.31S01.E01

Should You Find Your Way To The Path?

Or does Hulu's new alternative religion/family drama drive into a ditch? 2016.03.30S01.E01

Will You Get Hooked By The Catch?

Shondaland has created a spy drama, but is the intrigue as sexy as it wants to be? 2016.03.24S01.E01

Should You Check Heartbeat's Pulse?

Or is NBC's newest medical drama DOA? 2016.03.22S01.E01

Should You Put Down Earnest Money On Bajillion Dollar Propertie$?

Another Bravo franchise gets the parody treatment. Is it worth your investing your time? 2016.03.17S01.E01

Should You Open Up To Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn?

A group of celebrity-adjacent people and their relatives show up to fight, cry, and pretend they don't know how reality TV works. 2016.03.16S01.E01

Should You Let Yourself Be Lured Into And Then There Were None?

Mood lighting, British accents, and BBC cred...on Lifetime? 2016.03.11

Should You Get Locked Up For 60 Days In?

Seven civilians pose as inmates in an Indiana county jail. Should you share their bunk or tunnel to freedom? 2016.03.10S01.E01