Marathon Diary

Our commentators take us through the process of marathon-ing a show. We promise it'll be more interesting than hearing about the other kind of marathon where people run or whatever.

A Familiar Momentum And Happy Endings Close Out The West Wing's Final Season

Marathon Diarist Sarah Hope reaches the end of the Bartlet administration and looks back on 110 hours inside The West Wing. 2016.11.08

How Would Everyone On The West Wing Vote In The 2016 Presidential Election?

Marathon Diarist Sarah Hope ponders The West Wing staff's choices and key issues in the 2016 presidential election. 2016.11.01

Fresh Faces And New Hopes Put The West Wing Back On Track In Season 6

The West Wing bounces back in Season 6 as Marathon Diarist Sarah Hope enters the final stretch. 2016.10.25

'What's Next?' Becomes 'What Else?' As The West Wing's Worst Season Slogs On

In spite of her optimism, Marathon Diarist Sarah Hope finds no love for the second half of Season 5 of The West Wing. 2016.10.18

Without Aaron Sorkin, The West Wing Is A Mediocre Mess In Season 5

The Marathon Diarist finds her project much changed in the first half of Season 5. 2016.10.11

In Season 4 Of The West Wing, It's All Business As Usual...Until It's Not

Sarah Hope's Marathon Diary of The West Wing winds through lots of governance and two major season-ending curveballs. 2016.10.04

On Presidential Debates, Both Real And, In Season 4 Of The West Wing, Imaginary

Marathon diarist Sarah Hope finds striking similarities between Barlet vs. Ritchie face-off, and Clinton vs. Trump. Spoiler alert: the fantasy is way better than reality. 2016.09.27

Aaron Sorkin Flexes His Theatrical Chops And Goes Meta (And Mental) In Season 3 Of The West Wing

We arrive at a period when The West Wing was full of drama, both on-screen and on the Television Without Pity forums. 2016.09.20

Isaac & Ishmael & Indians Kick Off The West Wing Season 3

The beginning of Season 3 is all over the place, but Sarah Hope will follow the West Wingers anywhere. 2016.09.13

Who Run The West Wing? Girls, Girls

Despite the endless bravado and chauvinism of the show's gents, women remain the true backbone of The West Wing. 2016.09.06

Louie Mopes Across The Finish Line

If that's all there is, my friends, then let's keep drinking. Let's break out the booze and have a fall. 2016.08.31

In Season 2, Control And Conservatism Enter The West Wing

Season 2 starts off dark and broody, with everyone in search of distractions. Plus, turkeys and a touch of feminism. 2016.08.30

Sex And The City Winds It Up

Sex And The City's final fairy tale of a season holds a surprising lesson. 2016.08.30

Sex And The City Starts To Pair Off

As SATC nears its conclusion, everyone starts to get what they deserve (or something). 2016.08.23

It's Time To Escape The Presidential Race And Visit The West Wing

With the 2016 election driving us all bonkers, there has been no better time to let Aaron Sorkin be your sherpa to liberal fantasyland (and also U.S. history class). 2016.08.23

Love In An Elevator: Living It Up While Louie's Going Down

Louie jettisons episodic television in favour of multi-(multi-multi-)episode arcs. 2016.08.17

Tying One On With Sex And The City

Are the women of SATC bawdy boozehounds or subtle sippers? 2016.08.16

In Season 4, Sex And The City Puts Miranda Through The Wringer

But these ladies are still laughing because Season 4 is the strongest yet. 2016.08.09

Our Marathon Diarist Discovers That, In Its Third Season, Louie Finds The Plot

Season 3 adds healthier portions of humour and plot; let's hope it's because Louis C.K. realized it's possible to do that without 'selling out' or whatever. 2016.08.03

Sex And The City Gets Too Big For Its Britches

As the show hits Season 3, our Marathon Diarist can't help but wonder if it's started to lose what made it great. 2016.08.02

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