Love & Hate

Odes to TV's very best and worst characters and players

Jordan Peele And Keegan-Michael Key Bring Their Magic To Fargo

And improve it just like they improve every other place they ever go. 2014.05.27S01.E07

The Normal Heart's Ned Weeks Tries To Survive A Plague

An appreciation of the angriest man in New York. 2014.05.25

The Middle Visits Disney World As Only The Middle Can

The Hecks vs. The Happiest Place On Earth makes for kind of a perfect season finale. 2014.05.22S05.E24

Penny Dreadful's Heavenly Creature

Why Tara's so firmly pro-Proteus. 2014.05.18S01.E02

Cristina Leaves Seattle, But Not Before Giving Meredith A Parting Gift

And it's better than one last 'dance it out.' 2014.05.16S10.E24

Logue Connection

Sarah digs Donal, even in mediocre projects; here's why. 2014.05.15

Molly's No Marge...But She Is In Charge

How Tara came around on Fargo's lead cop. 2014.05.06S01.E04

Evangelizing About Sister Evangelina

The gruffest resident of Nonnatus House gets a showcase episode on the occasion of her Jubilee; Tara gets a kick in the heart. 2014.04.27S03.E05

Baby, It's You

A tribute to one of Sarah's favorite Paulie Walnuts soundbites. 2014.04.22

It Was Time To Stop Sending 'She-Mail'

RuPaul's Drag Race rewrites the script in just the right way. 2014.04.14

The Good Wife Lets Alicia Drop Her Armour

It's a pity that it took a tragedy to make her so interesting...but at least something did. 2014.04.14S05.E17

The Bletchley Circle Has Too Many Shades Of Gray

Susan's family doesn't have to go abroad -- but they can't stay here. 2014.04.13

We Went To Jared

Silicon Valley's Jared Dunn is a stray dog that we should totally adopt: just look at those sad sad eyes! 2014.04.13S01.E02

It's 9 PM. Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

The 100 stays true to its premise by getting pretty dark in spite of its timeslot. 2014.04.09S01.E04

Jack Dunlevy Might Belong In The Sitcom Curmudgeon Hall Of Fame

Surviving Jack is only two episodes old, but its titular lovable dick has already made a pretty great impression. 2014.04.03S01.E02

The 100's Clarke Is Super

Sarah doesn't think the reference to another super person named Clark is unintentional -- or inapt. 2014.04.02S01.E03

H. Jon Benjamin's Voice Is A Tried And Tested Ugly-Laugh Trigger

Long before burgers and spies, he dominated two Squigglevision gems. 2014.04.01

That Cody Can't Take A Bad Picture Is Only One Of The Great Things About Him

An appreciation -- let's not say eulogy! -- for a great Enlisted man. 2014.03.30S01.E09

Elsbeth Is The Elsbest

An appreciation of The Good Wife's most adorable shark. 2014.03.16S05.E14

This Princess Knows Drama Always Trumps Adventure

Oh, my Glob! Pay attention to Adventure Time's Lumpy Space Princess...right! Now! 2014.03.10