Love & Hate

Odes to TV's very best and worst characters and players

I Wink This Hard Because I Love You

Patrick's adorable dopiness returns Looking to top form. 2015.01.18S02.E02

Eat Right And Exorcise

Maybe a month off is just what the witch-doctor ordered. 2015.01.17S01.E09

Tammy 2 Is Still First In Our Hearts

An appreciation of pop culture's grossest librarian. 2015.01.14S07.E02

He Knows How To Save A Life (And Wrap A Tween Around His Finger)

When Patty develops her first crush, Rags To Riches actually, improbably, gets something right. 2015.01.13S02.E02

Kane Is Able

Jake Stone's knowledge, attitude, and portrayer all combine to make him The Librarian's Character We Love. 2015.01.12S01.E08

Out With Flynn

The Librarians needs to fully embrace its title's pluralism. 2014.12.29S01.E05

Hail To The King, Baby

Bruce Campbell brings Santa Claus to The Librarians -- or is it the other way around? 2014.12.22S01.E04

All The Colors of Ms. Rainbow

Black-ish's leading lady is awesome because she seems like a real person. 2014.12.17

I Think You're A-Moz-Ing

The pun is what White Collar deserves; the sentiment is what Mozzie's earned. 2014.12.12S06.E05

Have Yourself A Pantsless Little Christmas

Frankie opts out of holiday cheer, and Tara's never felt closer to her. 2014.12.11S06.E09

Fine: Rafael Is Swell

Tara wasn't always a fan of Jane The Virgin's OTP, but he's won her over at last. 2014.12.09S01.E08

They're Not Booing, They're Saying 'Bruuuuuuuuce!'

Or, at least, Tara is. A defense of The Affair's 'jackass' father-in-law, who may just be misunderstood. Or both misunderstood and a jackass. 2014.12.07S01.E08

Rosa Diaz, Scourge of Giggling Pigs

Surprise! She's become one of the best characters on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 2014.12.05

Here, Kitty

Al Lowe finally gets a clue about Elementary's newest team member. 2014.11.30S03.E05

Send Petra Packing

Jane The Virgin's Other Woman has served her purpose and can go back to 'the old country' any time now. 2014.11.24S01.E07

A New Direction

It's time for the semi-annual announcement that Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. has definitely found its footing and is good now. This time for sure. 2014.11.19S02.E08

Rule Of The Cohen

A Comeback cameo reminds Tara how easy it is to love Andy Cohen. 2014.11.09S02.E01

Don Is Delightful

On the redeeming qualities of Aaron Sorkin's bad boy man-child. 2014.11.09S03.E01

The Worst Situations Bring Out The Best In Nick Miller

An instant-classic New Girl reminds us of what Nick does best: panic hilariously. 2014.11.05S04.E06

The Carnal Gift Of Rogelio

Jane The Virgin's biological father is an international superstar, and an international treasure. 2014.11.03S01.E04