Love & Hate

Odes to TV's very best and worst characters and players

Masterpiece Mystery

Reid's back, and he brought a top-notch episode with him. 2015.06.03S03.E06

Farewell, Late Night's Cranky Dad

David Letterman's final Late Show is the perfect sendoff for the ur-curmudgeon. 2015.05.21

Reids Between The Lines

How flawless acting and a crime-nerd puzzle bailed out a tiresome subplot. 2015.05.20S03.E04

Stick It

An appreciation, if that's the word, of Daredevil's sightless sensei. 2015.05.12S01.E07

Gloria Akalitus Is On To You, Jackie!

And she's not gonna any more of your crap! 2015.04.19S07.E02

Always Bet Red

Sarah had it wrong about Julianne Nicholson, who's elevating The Red Road with a thoughtful performance. 2015.04.09S02.E02

Getting Down To The Root

Samantha Groves continues to keep Person Of Interest atop the Most Wanted List. 2015.04.07

The Most Recognizable Dick In Sports

Dick Vitale: unquestionably good man, completely unwatchable high-profile sports broadcaster. 2015.03.26

Outstanding Female Dicks

As Samantha Fox sort of said, dicky girls need love too. 2015.03.25

A Brand-New Agustín

Kudos to Looking for letting this guy slowly and authentically evolve. 2015.03.15S02.E09

Tina Bounces Up And Down

A setback with one of her bouncy castles pushes a reluctant Tina to a big decision. 2015.03.01S01.E07

Teach Your Children Well

Jane's college graduation strengthens the Villanueva women's bond and even redeems Alba for a formerly opposed Tara. 2015.02.10S01.E13

As A Supporting Bear Enters, A Sugar Daddy Leaves?

An ode to Lynn's (probable) exit and (we hope) Eddie's rise. 2015.02.08S02.E04

Love Is A '90s Mixtape

Even if Hindsight didn't have other charms, its soundtrack alone would make it mandatory viewing. 2015.01.22S01.E03

I Wink This Hard Because I Love You

Patrick's adorable dopiness returns Looking to top form. 2015.01.18S02.E02

Eat Right And Exorcise

Maybe a month off is just what the witch-doctor ordered. 2015.01.17S01.E09

Tammy 2 Is Still First In Our Hearts

An appreciation of pop culture's grossest librarian. 2015.01.14S07.E02

He Knows How To Save A Life (And Wrap A Tween Around His Finger)

When Patty develops her first crush, Rags To Riches actually, improbably, gets something right. 2015.01.13S02.E02

Kane Is Able

Jake Stone's knowledge, attitude, and portrayer all combine to make him The Librarian's Character We Love. 2015.01.12S01.E08