Love & Hate

Odes to TV's very best and worst characters and players

The Librarians Once Again Becomes A Page-Turner

After a slow start, Season 2 finally grabs you. 2015.11.16S02.E04

Osgood? Osgreat!

The Doctor's greatest in-universe fangirl returns from the dead to insult continuity, and we couldn't be happier. 2015.11.01S09.E07

The Leftovers Doubles Down On The Pierce

You can't talk about The Leftovers's Patti Problem without talking about its Kevin Problem. Is this a Pierce two-fer? 2015.10.25S02.E04

Jane The Virgin Gets A Bachelorette Alter Ego

And she sure seems to be having a lot more fun than Mom Jane! 2015.10.20S02.E02

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Secret Weapon Is Its Crazy Current Coworker

A supporting player is dangerously close to upstaging Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's lead, and Adam Grosswirth doesn't mind one bit. 2015.10.20S01.E02

Get The Baroness Off The Bastard Executioner...

...And onto a much better show of her own. It's a revolutionary take on The Pierce: The Anti-Pierce! 2015.09.29S01.E04

Hits And Missy

The Doctor's oldest frenemy comes into her own. 2015.09.27S09.E02

Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Teen Wolf's baby-faced villain has been such a surprisingly good liar (and his actor a shockingly talented Liars alum) that he's got us questioning our loyalties heading into the midseason finale. 2015.08.18S05.E09

Why Winona Ryder Convinced Mark Blankenship To Watch Show Me A Hero

Forget David Simon and Paul Haggis. Winona Forever! 2015.08.14

One Of The Biggest Battles On Humans Is Being Waged Inside A Single Synth

Anita and Mia come into their/her own. 2015.08.02S01.E06

In Praise Of The Nuanced Goofball

Dealmaker Joe Lo Truglio is everywhere and in everything right now. And that is as it should be. 2015.07.30

A Kickass Leader Joins The Strain, And It's Justine Time

This New York City councilwoman does not have time for your canker sores, gentlemen. 2015.07.19S02.E02

Teddy Bared

Why Sarah D. Bunting is captivated by pitiably self-medicating bully agonistes Ted Jr. 2015.07.16S03.E02

Mr. Peanutbutter Is More Than Happy

And not just to talk to you about the weather. Roger loves him; here's why. 2015.07.16

Another Period Digs Itself Out Of What Could Have Been Its Grave

A funeral-focused episode lets Another Period loosen up its corset and slips into something much more comfortable. 2015.07.07S01.E03

Humans Synth Niska Is Revolutionary, In More Ways Than One

How one of the sentient synths rose above the rest. 2015.07.05S01.E02

Catastrophe's Fran Is Horrible -- And Great

Celebrating a woman gleefully scorned. 2015.07.01

It Takes A Village To Run A Village

Wayward Pines takes us backstage to convince us that there's a method to Dr. Pilcher's madness -- and mostly succeeds. 2015.06.25S01.E06

Out Of The Salon And Into The Fire

Sophia's journey takes a sadly inevitable turn -- and Laverne Cox turns in a career-best performance. 2015.06.24S03.E12

There Is A Life About To Start

Caputo figures it out; now it's time to fight the power. 2015.06.23S03.E11