Love & Hate

Odes to TV's very best and worst characters and players

Ofelia Is The Most Marooned On Fear The Walking Dead

If you were waiting for her to do something interesting, it's been a looooong season. 2016.05.09S02.E05

Just Call Him Chuck, Because He's Humble That Way

Of course Supernatural's version of God digs cat videos. 2016.05.05S11.E20

Spies Like The Night Manager's Angela Make Their Genre Great

Her passion is both thrilling and potentially dangerous. Let's see where it takes her! 2016.04.26S01.E02

Inserting A Little Lost Works Well For Fear The Walking Dead

But is the introduction of the Flight 462 storyline enough to make the show truly fearsome? 2016.04.24S02.E03

The Real O'Neals Keeps Getting Realer

The under-the-radar family comedy is turning into one of the best shows of the season. Here's why you should be watching it. 2016.04.19S01.E08

Now That Jane The Virgin Has Made Petra Plausible, Can It Take Away Some Of Her Pain?

Now that Petra's definitely no longer the Pierce, can we please give her a break before she turns all the way into the Ziggy? 2016.03.29S02.E16

Claire Temple: The Best Thing Ever To Happen To Daredevil

She's nobody's victim but she takes care of everyone's victims, all while cutting through Matt's ongoing crises of conscience. 2016.03.28S02.E10

Sleepy Hollow Reaps The Hidden One's Snark Whirlwind

When a previously dullsville god heads aboveground, eyes will roll -- specifically, his. And it's hilarious. 2016.03.19S03.E15

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet, Daredevil's Crusty Homicide Detective

What Lennie Briscoe was to the pun, Crusty Homicide Detective is to world-weary profanity. 2016.03.18S02.E01

In 'Chapter 47,' Season 4 Of House Of Cards Finally Gets Good And Nasty

A few key changes lift an achingly dull Season 4. 2016.03.08S04.E08

Runnin' With The (Jersey) Devil On Sleepy Hollow

Eventually, every show about the supernatural scrapes ol' JD off the bottom of the barrel. Could we...not? 2016.03.05S03.E13

#FreeLucas: The Fourth Estate Roars Back On House Of Cards

Crusading journalist Lucas Goodwin returns to Frank Underwood's story. He could save the world -- and this show. 2016.03.05S04.E03

Sure, Rayna Lives To Kill On The Vampire Diaries, But That Doesn't Make Her Bad

She could never bring herself to kill a vampire with such blue, blue eyes. 2016.03.04S07.E15

Thanks For Being Less Than Useless On Pretty Little Liars, Lieutenant Tanner

With cops like this, we should all just embrace anarchy. 2016.03.01S06.E18

RHOA Would Be Even Sweeter Without Kandi

It's time for the multi-hyphenate (and RHOA) to start scaling back. 2016.02.22S08.E15

Even If You Hated The Pilot, Try The Second Episode Of Love

The wit and sparkle have arrived! 2016.02.19S01.E02

What Would London Spy's Danny Do Without Scottie?

'I've never said it out loud. I love you. Very much.' 2016.02.11S01.E04

Paul Dano Shines In The Midst Of War And (Very Little) Peace

The star of the BBC/A&E remake of War And Peace is angsty, overburdened, and brilliant as always. 2016.01.25S01.E02

There's More To Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Current Girlfriend Than Meets The Eye

Valencia reveals herself to be even meaner -- but also smarter -- than previously believed. 2016.01.25S01.E09