Love & Hate

Odes to TV's very best and worst characters and players

What Is Wrong With Rob & Chyna?

We may never know. 2016.10.17S01.E06

Now's A Great Time To Get On Board With The Good Place

It's funny, well-cast, and highly binge-able. What are you waiting for? 2016.10.13

Luke Cage's Councilwoman Fails To Keep Her Own Counsel

But Mariah Dillard's contradictions combine with another outstanding Alfre Woodard performance to make her a character we love. 2016.10.04S01.E06

Clayne Crawford Is A Secret (Lethal) Weapon

But the Rectify star is about to be an unknown no more. 2016.09.28

If You Only Have Room For One Trashy Network Thriller In Your Autumn Viewing Schedule, Make It Secrets & Lies

And if you don't have room for any, consider revising your stance, because ABC's gilded-garbage whodunnit is the campiest fun of the season. 2016.09.25S02.E01

Madison Still Can't Get A Handle On Leading Fear The Walking Dead

Nobody's saying she should be Rick Grimes, but something's just not working. 2016.09.19S02.E12

Elena Is Another Season 2 Fear The Walking Dead Guest Character Making A Good Impression

The show's recent move to Mexico allows for more diverse casting in the Walking Dead universe. 2016.09.04S02.E10

If Only Return To Amish's Rebecca Would...You Know, Return To Amish

Once the sweetheart of TLC, Rebecca's attitude problem, and unwillingness to get along with her sister-in-law, makes her as rotten as her husband's teeth. 2016.08.05S03.E03

30 Rock's Doctor Was All About Comedy

Dr. Leo Spaceman showed up, said funny things, and left. He's the perfect recurring character. 2016.08.01

Forget (Tom) Paris

The crew of the USS Voyager suffered personnel losses from the pilot episode of Voyager on -- and honestly, they could have lost this guy too. 2016.07.29

On Star Trek, 'Q' Is For 'Quite Extraordinary'

The all-powerful plot device known as Q provided several Star Trek series with a necessary dose of perspective and snark -- and paved the path for our culture of internet commenters. 2016.07.27

Wayward Pines Spotlights Jason And Kerry's Very Special Relationship

Gross choices are made and gross secrets revealed in a VERY gross episode -- that also happens to be the best of the series. 2016.07.20S02.E09

Amber Rose Is The Feminist Icon You Didn't Know You'd Love

There could be more to VH1's new talk show than meets the eye. 2016.07.08

Ciao Bello; So Long, ER

Praise and thanks for the actor who ruined the ultimate must-see medical drama. 2016.07.08

Thirteen's Craig Will Never, Ever Understand Sisterly Bonds

Craig proves that he just doesn't grasp the 'sister in the basement' concept, especially since it doesn't directly involve him, and proves Thirteen could do without him. 2016.07.07S01.E03

The Best Character On Cheers Was Also The Meanest: Ms. Carla Tortelli

Carla Tortelli hated her co-workers, her customers, and probably you. That's what made her the best. 2016.07.06

Pretty Little Liars Introduces A Secret Twin Sister Who Acts All Spooky And May Be Evil? Too Perfect!

Mary Drake is a big question mark, but that doesn't mean she isn't awesome. 2016.06.22S07.E01

Orange Is The New Black S04.E04: When Lolly's Paranoia Goes From Annoying To Endearing

With her new, fresh perspective on life, it's quite possible that she only helped dismember a hologram. 2016.06.21S04.E04

Six LeMeure Is Better Than You (And Blossom)

We should all be as fearless as Six and her fashion choices. 2016.06.03