Let's Talk It Out

TV experts take to IM to discuss matters of great importance and/or who's not wearing a bra on a reality show.

'I Would Bet On Encyclopedia Brown Over Peter'

Sarah D. Bunting and John Ramos embark upon the final mini-season of White Collar with equal parts hope and trepidation. 2014.11.06S06.E01

'Don't Waste The Asshole Edit On Benjamin When You've Got A Perfectly Good Helen Lying Around'

Project Runway: All-Stars kicks off its fourth bid for designer redemption (or re-triumph, in the case of the two returnees); your editors discuss! 2014.10.31S04.E01

'Most Of The Crew Can Functionally Ignore Her'

John put on his producer hat to talk to Sarah about The Chair's latest episode. 2014.09.27S01.E04

'You Do It, Atika. There's More Than One Honourable Woman Here.'

The Honourable Woman ends its story; Tara Ariano and Mark Blankenship discuss. 2014.09.18S01.E08

'I'm Sorry, But One Does NOT Side With Farrah Over Tyler And Catelynn. One Simply Does Not.'

Our experts Stephanie Green and Tara Ariano break down the second half of Couples Therapy's first-ever reunion 'special.' 2014.09.11

More Like The BM Story

Lifetime made a movie inspired by the life and death of Brittany Murphy; Tara Ariano, Sarah D. Bunting, and John Ramos watched it for you. 2014.09.06

The Medical Examiner Who Couldn't Die No Matter What

In Forever, Ioan Gruffudd becomes the latest dude to play a mysterious immortal crime-solver. Do you need to care about it/him? 2014.09.02S01.E01

Two Generations On Regeneration

Jeff Alexander and his son M. Edium (age 9½) talk fan-to-fan about the new Who. 2014.08.24S08.E01

'Are We Perhaps Learning That Jamie Is A Touch Dramatic?'

As the Married At First Sight couples expose their new spouses to their old family and friends, Tara Ariano and Brian Rubenstein discuss how sincere everyone's motives are (and whether Jamie REALLY hails from 'Povertyville'). 2014.08.19S01.E07

Sisterhood Of The Unraveling Bints

The editors wonder how much of the Calumet Inn episode of Hotel Hell is fake...because those slack jaws looked real to us. 2014.08.19S02.E05

Celebrity Wife Swap Pits An NFL Star Against An Oscar-Winning Hip-Hop Artist, With Meh Results

The season closes with a dull outing starring two checked-out dads. Yes, again. 2014.07.30

Who Put The 'Boot' In The Marriage Boot Camp Finale?

An amateur drinker goes on Hall Pass and gets real drunk, and then everyone goes to the ring ceremony, with predictable results. 2014.07.25S03.E08

When Soap Stars Do Celebrity Wife Swap, Does Ronn Moss Think It's...Like A Real Wife Swap?

Because it kind of seems like he and his skinny scarves are practising The Art Of Seduction on Mrs. Tyler Christopher. 2014.07.23S09.E12

Tanisha's Heart Just Must Be Too Full Of Feelings!

Or, she's full of crap. Sarah, Tara, and Stephanie Green discuss the latest heart-wrenching Marriage Boot Camp. 2014.07.18S03.E07

The Great Sex Puppet Caper

It's time for the couples to tell each other what they want in bed with the assistance of poor felt hand puppets that did not ask for this and would rather be in a kindergarten somewhere. 2014.07.11S03.E06

Penn Jillette Is An Atheist, And Judy Gold's Girlfriend Hears Alllllllll About It

Turn seventeen, Penn. And tell your kids to quit being so rude during Shabbos dinner, damn. 2014.07.02

Feeling The God In Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs

Sarah and Tara discuss whether Tony Goldwyn and Lifetime put the 'fun' in 'fundie Mormon lunatic.' 2014.06.28

Gretchen Gets A New Guy To Hold Her Purse

Congratulations to Kevin on being the newest Mr. Horrible Monster! Stephanie, Sarah, and Tara discuss this week's pointless wife swapping. 2014.06.27S03.E05


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