Let's Talk It Out

TV experts take to IM to discuss matters of great importance and/or who's not wearing a bra on a reality show.

'Reid's Whom I'd Least Like To Be Paired Up With, And Yes, I'm Including Spencer'

The Carrolls shuffle the couples for fake dates to teach them...something? 2015.01.30S04.E04

'Alyssa Nailed It With The "Penis" Comment About That Cut-Out In The Front...'

Project Runway All Stars has the designers making bridesmaid dresses, but whose should get laughed out of church? 2015.01.30S04.E11

'I'm A Little Mad At This Show For Making Me Empathize With Heidi'

Tyson blows up Rachel's spot, Heidi gets drunk and mean, and your editors try to keep up. 2015.01.23S04.E03

'I Would Buy That Yellow Dress Even Though It Is The Yellowest Thing Since A Case Of Jaundice Scrambled Some Eggs Inside A Lemon.' 'On The Sun.'

This year's QVC challenge has the designers doing ready-to-wear separates, plus a fashion-forward companion. Who's ready for primetime? Your editors discuss! 2015.01.23S04.E10

'Oh, Natalie. I'm So Tired Of Her Already. She Brings None Of The Pathos/Rage That Tanisha Brought To The Table.'

It's time already for the Carrolls to pull 'fake divorce court' and 'fake spouse death' out of their careworn bag of tricks. 2015.01.16S04.E02

'I Always Dread The "Avant-Garde" Challenge For The Way It Gives The Designers License To Do Whatever Weird Thing They Feel Like'

Sea life inspires some of the designers to compelling, fashion-forward work, and leaves others gasping for air. 2015.01.16S04.E09

'They Probably Have To End It After This Season, Right? Because After Speidi Is On It, It's Burnt.'

Marriage Boot Camp rounds up some more no-hopers to 'work on' their relationships, not that anyone will notice anyone other than Speidi. 2015.01.09S04.E01

'Nobody's Going To Comment On That Stiff, Boxy, Scratchy-Looking, Marty's-Grandma-In-Back To The Future Top?'

Project Runway All Stars does a hybrid resortwear/swimsuit challenge. Who ends up all wet? 2015.01.09S04.E08

Worse Than Death

Sarah and John learn Neal's fate, marvel at how dumb a once-smart show got as White Collar pulls its last job. 2014.12.19S06.E06

'Jay's Jacket Was, Like, Rikers In The Castro: The Musical'

It's a three-fer challenge this week: real people/menswear/teams! Who needs to learn how to play well with others and/or design around a penis? Your editors discuss! 2014.12.19S04.E07

'My Notes: "Get Rid Of The Nails. You're In Or You're Out."'

The discernment period ends for the women of The Sisterhood, and your editors discuss their meaningful spiritual journey for the last time. 2014.12.17S01.E05

'It's Got To Be Frustrating When The Production Arranges For Darnell To Show Up In Chicago. (I Assume We Agree That That's What Happened, Because: Come On.)'

The discerners move on to their second convent, in a rough part of Chicago. Enter Sister Beth Ann, whose ability to tolerate their BS is...low. 2014.12.09S01.E03

'All These Schoolhouse Rock-Reject Explanations'

Three eps from the series finale, White Collar burns an hour on a Mozzie flashback. John and Sarah discuss. 2014.12.05S06.E04

'DO NOT Get Between Me And That Coat If You Want To Live'

The Paddington movie is the flimsy pretext for the Project Runway All Stars to travel to London for 'inspiration' for an outerwear challenge; your editors discuss! 2014.12.05S04.E05

'You Don't Need To Know The Rosary To Recognize A Jackass, CLAIRE'

The discerners take on their first assignment and have their first fight, thanks to Claire; your editors discuss! 2014.12.02S01.E02

'Don't Blame New York For This Horrible Script!'

White Collar's plot du jour involves a girl who just fell off the kohlrabi truck. John and Sarah wonder if anyone cares anymore. 2014.11.21S06.E03

'Those Sleeves Were Like Two Extra Boobs. That Were Real Droopy.'

A confused brief -- Zales sponsors a challenge inspired by the designers' own love lives? -- yields some interesting looks, and a righteous boot. Your editors discuss! 2014.11.21S04.E04

'But That's Another Who Cares, So Who Cares?'

White Collar returns to form in the final season's sophomore ep; that isn't a good thing. John and Sarah discuss. 2014.11.13S06.E02

'I Would Like To See A Study Of Whether Every Actor Who Plays Darcy Makes Him Sexy OR If DARCY Makes THEM Sexy'

Allison Lowe Huff and Tara Ariano ask the tough questions about the miniseries adaptation of P.D. James's Jane Austen-inspired Death Comes To Pemberley. 2014.11.07

'Even The Parts That Should Have Worked Didn't, And It Made Her Model Look Like She Was Doing Regional Drag'

Unconventional materials strike Project Runway All Stars, right on schedule; your editors discuss! 2014.11.07S04.E02


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