Let's Talk It Out

TV experts take to IM to discuss matters of great importance and/or who's not wearing a bra on a reality show.

The Fall Of The House Of Carroll

Another of Sarah's acquaintances gets filleted on The Following as she and Poe Head talk Claire, cat pics, and cater-waiters we have loved. 2015.04.28S03.E10

Ryan's (False) Hope

Another week, another Joe/Ryan sleepover tease, another set of lunges, and another vile theme cocktail as Sarah and Poe Head brace themselves for Gwyan Jr. 2015.04.21S03.E09

The Ear Up There

Theo kicks it up a notch, Poe Head struggles with Excel, and Gwen is compared unfavorably with O'Doul's. 2015.04.14S03.E08

'The Only Danger She's Facing Is Boredom'

You said a mouthful, Agent Lemond 'Joey' Bishop. Sarah and Poe Head discuss The Following's charisma vacuum, who's the Dean Martin here, and more. 2015.04.07S03.E07

Head Of The Class

Who's Strauss's best student? Not who you think! 2015.03.31S03.E06

Wasted Time

After two interminable hours of The Following, Poe Head got girl-drink drunk. Don't worry, Sarah confiscated the trampoline. 2015.03.24S03.E05

Let's Pick Empire's Hottest Song

Mark and Joe debate beats, rhymes, and Jamal's life. 2015.03.18

On Your Mark, Get Set, Poe

As The Following's company chews the scenery, Sarah and Poe Head chew espresso beans and bemoan their boredom. 2015.03.17S03.E03

'Sworn Officers Of The Government Whisper-Fighting Like ABC Family Protagonists'

Sarah and Poe Head discuss The Following's underwhelming start. 2015.03.09S03.E02

Mirror, Mirror, On The...Neck Of A Crash Dummy Sitting At A Ta...ble?

Poe Head and Sarah already know who's the craziest of them all as they run down the lowlights of The Following's premiere. 2015.03.02S03.E01

'That Puppet's Breasts Were Alarming. Whatever Puppet Surgeon She Saw Should Have His License Removed.'

Jim and Elizabeth challenge the boot campers to talk about sex, in their usual VERY mature fashion. 2015.02.13S04.E06

'Poor Alyssa Looked Like She Wanted To Bat Those Circus Performers Away Like A Cloud Of Gnats'

The final runway show opens with a bunch of burlesque acrobats or something. Do things improve from there? Your editors discuss! 2015.02.13S04.E13

'Is There A Couple In The Universe That Holds Hands More Smugly Than Jim And Elizabeth?'

That's just one rhetorical question raised as your editors and Stephanie Green discuss a 'shocking' [eye-roll] Marriage Boot Camp. 2015.02.06S04.E05

'I Don't Understand How Any Judge Could Look At Michelle's Dress Next To Helen's And Decide That MICHELLE'S Was The One That Looked Cheap'

A 'timeless red carpet dress' challenge determines which designers will compete in the final. Your editors aren't thrilled. 2015.02.06S04.E12

'Reid's Whom I'd Least Like To Be Paired Up With, And Yes, I'm Including Spencer'

The Carrolls shuffle the couples for fake dates to teach them...something? 2015.01.30S04.E04

'Alyssa Nailed It With The "Penis" Comment About That Cut-Out In The Front...'

Project Runway All Stars has the designers making bridesmaid dresses, but whose should get laughed out of church? 2015.01.30S04.E11

'I'm A Little Mad At This Show For Making Me Empathize With Heidi'

Tyson blows up Rachel's spot, Heidi gets drunk and mean, and your editors try to keep up. 2015.01.23S04.E03

'I Would Buy That Yellow Dress Even Though It Is The Yellowest Thing Since A Case Of Jaundice Scrambled Some Eggs Inside A Lemon.' 'On The Sun.'

This year's QVC challenge has the designers doing ready-to-wear separates, plus a fashion-forward companion. Who's ready for primetime? Your editors discuss! 2015.01.23S04.E10

'Oh, Natalie. I'm So Tired Of Her Already. She Brings None Of The Pathos/Rage That Tanisha Brought To The Table.'

It's time already for the Carrolls to pull 'fake divorce court' and 'fake spouse death' out of their careworn bag of tricks. 2015.01.16S04.E02

'I Always Dread The "Avant-Garde" Challenge For The Way It Gives The Designers License To Do Whatever Weird Thing They Feel Like'

Sea life inspires some of the designers to compelling, fashion-forward work, and leaves others gasping for air. 2015.01.16S04.E09


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