Let's Talk It Out

TV experts take to IM to discuss matters of great importance and/or who's not wearing a bra on a reality show.

Gilmore Girls May Get Revived On Netflix?

Sure, it's still unconfirmed. But that doesn't mean Tara Ariano and Nick Rheinwald-Jones can't talk about it. 2015.10.19

The Marrying Kind

In a triumph of hope over experience, Noah and Alison decide they're going to give this marriage thing another go. And Whitney takes the news about as well as you'd expect, which is to say not at all. 2015.10.18S02.E03

The Affair Explores Cole Dependency

Cole Lockhart is a sleep-deprived, powder-snorting spurned husband with thoughts of revenge and self-loathing competing for space in his heart. He's also the most put-together of all the main characters in The Affair so far this season. 2015.10.11S02.E02

'The Money Would Call His Bluff, In The End'

Sarah D. Bunting asked John Ramos to put his producer hat on for a Greenlight discussion. Related: John's billing for a new caps lock key. 2015.10.04S04.E04

How Did Trevor Noah Do In His First Night Hosting The Daily Show? Two Biased People Discuss!

Another lion of late night passes the torch to a cub...of...mixed metaphors. Die-hard Daily Show viewers Tara Ariano and Nick Rheinwald-Jones give an early review. 2015.09.29

You Can Stay Fabulous During The Drag Race Hiatus!

John Ramos and Mark Blankenship discuss what's worth checking out in gay TV between seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race. 2015.09.18

Is Ferrell Takes The Field A Hit Or A Miss?

Sarah D. Bunting and Jeff Drake discuss whether Will Ferrell's charity-stunt spring-training stint works for baseball fans or comedy fans. 2015.09.11

'I Will Douse My Television In Hairspray And Set It On Fire'

Sarah D. Bunting and Mark Blankenship discuss what's next -- good and possibly bad -- for Mr. Robot. 2015.07.30

Zoo Steps Up To Bats In Rio

Defiant bats make favelas even less habitable in the latest episode; Dave and Tara discuss! 2015.07.29S01.E05

The Zoo Croo Assembles, But Who's Most Expendable?

, Dave and Tara have your rankings for the episode! 2015.07.22S01.E04

Revolting Prison Tea For Two

Buntsy joins Al on a Wheel Of Murder road trip to Criminal Justice's London. 2015.07.17

Zoo Flies In The Face Of Logic Like Bats Into Airplane Engines

Tara and Dave raise some pertinent questions about animal self-interest and human priorities. 2015.07.15S01.E03

How Many More Homicides-By-Animal Does Zoo Need To Be Truly Great?

Also: how many different animals need to get into the mix? Dave and Tara discuss. 2015.07.08S01.E02

The Fosters Is Replacing Jake T. Austin With Noah Centineo?!

Your past and current Fosters commentators discuss! 2015.06.29

Why Do We Always Come Here? I Guess We'll Never Know.

Our resident Muppet superfans try to decide how they feel about the recently announced new series. 2015.05.22S01.E01

When A Sitcom Star Swaps With A Former Teen Porn Star, The Results Scarcely Elicit Even One 'Oooooh, Mary!'

Jackée Harry and Traci Lords live very different lives, but everyone's pretty cool with their choices in Celebrity Wife Swap's weirdly subdued season premiere. 2015.05.21S04.E01

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Sure, maybe it's Ryan Hardy drunk-driving an oncoming train, but Sarah and Poe Head are kind of enjoying The Following's final act. 2015.05.12S03.E13

'I Actually Have Found The Dad-ness Of These Celebs Oddly Endearing'

Joe Reid and Tara Ariano discuss the pleasures and pains of Lip Sync Battle -- but don't worry: they know exactly how to fix it. 2015.05.07

'Does Ryan Hardy Now Fancy Himself A Pirate Of Penzance?'

This and other questions about last night's The Following from the Pirates Of Pinot, Sarah and Poe Head. 2015.05.05S03.E11


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