Let's Talk It Out

TV experts take to IM to discuss matters of great importance and/or who's not wearing a bra on a reality show.

Project Runway All Stars Paint The (Little Big) Town

Designers team up to create one look each for the ladies of Little Big Town; your editors discuss! 2016.02.25S05.E03

Project Runway All Stars Breaks Wind

When tasked with creating garments that will look good in front of a wind machine, how many designers blow it? Your editors discuss! 2016.02.18S05.E02

'You Still Have To Take The Time To Build The World Effectively'

Sarah D. Bunting and John Ramos on Madoff, finance procedurals, and what a Ruth Gardens spinoff might look like. 2016.02.03

The Affair Has Ex On The Beach

Both Noah and Alison reconnect with their exes at Cole's wedding and wonder: how might things have been if they had never had their titular affair? Certainly better than this season finale, one imagines. 2015.12.21S02.E12

All About The Affair's Not-So-Great Scott

Can Scotty hurry up and get himself killed already? No? You mean we have to watch Cole and Alison go into business together and Noah get all huffy about it first? Aw, man.... 2015.12.13S02.E11

Can The Affair's Non-Marriage Be Saved?

Say this for Noah: he is getting much more efficient about torpedoing his relationships, as he drags his feet about finally giving marriage a second go with Alison. 2015.12.06S02.E10

Sturm Und Drang Strike The Affair

This week the question isn't 'Who's the father of Alison's baby?,' but rather 'Where is the father of Alison's baby?' as Noah finds himself stuck in a hurricane. At least Helen manages to find a doctor who not only makes house calls but also has a very modern approach to co-pays. 2015.11.29S02.E09

The Affair Goes Back To School

Noah heads back to his alma mater to remind us why he's like a lecture hall at 6 AM on Saturday -- no class. Also, Richard Schiff, attorney at law, enlists the help of Helen Solloway, baby DNA collector. 2015.11.22S02.E08

Arranged Throws A Dinner Party, And Caveman Josh Ruins It

Lisa makes herself useful for the first time ever, while the other two couples have a harder time holding up their share of the episode. Your editors discuss! 2015.11.17S01.E14

Give Thanks You're Not Dining With Noah On The Affair

The newly assembled Noah/Alison household and the Lockhart clan compete to see who can have the most awkward Thanksgiving. The winner? You, dear viewer. 2015.11.15S02.E07

Arranged Shows The Marital Consequences Of One Partner's Very Real, Non-Fake Sex Strike

Josh tells Meghan she has to get a job before she gets the D; your editors discuss! 2015.11.10S01.E13

A Medical Emergency Reunites The Solloways On The Affair

Well, not you, Margaret, but everyone else seems to be getting along. Also, Noah tramples over Alison in more ways than we care to count. 2015.11.08S02.E06

Arranged Reunites Christian And Maria, Allows The World's Greatest Love Story To Continue

Meanwhile, Ragini and Veeral shop for a house, and Meghan shops for barstools against express instructions. Your editors discuss! 2015.11.03S01.E12

Is Kristen The True Hero Of Vanderpump Rules?

With the fourth season of cocktails, meltdowns, and barely avoided social diseases at Sur, somebody's going to have to fill the void Stassi has left. The show seems to want Scheana? Our correspondents think it should be Kristen. 2015.11.02

Pulp Friction Chafes The Affair

Cole's made a new friend, Alison says hello to Robert's little friend, and Noah's book proves to be no friend to Alison's reputation. 2015.11.01S02.E05

'This Is But One Example Of Reynolds Being An Idiot'

Mets fan Sarah D. Bunting and Royals fan Jeff Drake discuss the bad TV of good baseball as the World Series heads into Game 3. 2015.10.30

Arranged Tries To Bring Back Maria, And Lets Christian Make Both His (Punchable) Faces

Also, the other people whatever. Your editors discuss! 2015.10.27S01.E11

The Affair Has A Bad Heir Day

Sure, Helen's hairdo is a mess at the end of her no-good, terrible day. But the only thing messier is Noah's relationship with the members of his immediate family, who all have the good sense to despise him. 2015.10.25S02.E04


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