Let's Talk It Out

TV experts take to IM to discuss matters of great importance and/or who's not wearing a bra on a reality show.

Gary Busey's Latest Endorsement Offers A Lot For Our Editors To Sink Their Normal-Sized Teeth Into

Sarah and Tara 'FIND GARY BUSEY' a divisive character in his ad for Amazon Fire TV. 2014.05.21

Gestate Your Purpose

As expected, Jeff and Lora agree that the unholy final trimester of Rosemary's Baby fails to deliver. 2014.05.16S01.E02

Soul Food vs. Fancy Lean Cuisine

Sarah and Tara have strong views about Gina Neely's life swap with Angie Everhart, starting with: more waffles, please! 2014.05.14S09.E05

Parsley, Rage, Rosemary, And Time

Parents/ correspondents cut more than the cord on this misbegotten remake. 2014.05.12S01.E01

'Be More Digniforious!'

Tara foolishl-- er, 'supportively' joined Sarah in watching a Challenge episode. This is what we learned. 2014.05.09S25.E05

Laila Ali vs. Angie Stone Is Really Organic Bananas vs. Cupcakes

The Greatest Of All Time Jr. swaps lives with a diabetic R&B diva/soul food enthusiast, with predictable results. 2014.05.07S09.E04

Is The Fourth-Season Sopranos Finale A Tour De Force Or An Overrated Mess?

Sarah and Mark reconsider 'Whitecaps,' Carmela, and the Soprano Hug Of Aggression. 2014.05.02S04.E13

Almost Human Is Cancelled, So Pour Out A Little Of Your Space 40

Dave and Tara discuss the end of a show they watched faithfully despite never really liking it. 2014.04.30

Celebrity Wife Swap Makes Both Sarah And Tara Want To Marry Tichina Arnold

The Martin star trades husbands with a Mormon ex-Baywatch star. Turns out they live VERY different lives! (Tichina's is better.) 2014.04.30S09.E03

Champagne Wishes And Thumb-Losing Dreams

Robin Leach and Eric Roberts trade wives, because why wouldn't they. Sarah and Tara judge everyone involved. 2014.04.23S09.E02

Fake Marriage To Jermaine Jackson Puts Daniel Baldwin's Girlfriend In A 'State Of Shock'

...sorry. But there is really no contest as to which husband is worse in the Celebrity Wife Swap season premiere, as Sarah and Tara agree. 2014.04.16S09.E01

Will TV's Fargo Be A 'You Betcha' Or An 'Oh Geez'?

Sarah and Tara have hopes, and reservations, after the pilot. 2014.04.15S01.E01

Misty's Horror Story

Emily Gould and Tara Ariano are still not quite over the American Horror Story finale. 2014.02.05S03.E13

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