Let's Go To The Videotape

Hop in our time machine for the best — and the rest — of TV yesteryear.

George Clooney Committed A Murder, She Wrote

OR DID HE?! ...So many 'clue'/'Cloo' jokes, you guys. 2016.04.19S03.E18

Greet The Weekend With A '70s-TV Dance Party

Pretty comfortable declaring Sherman Hemsley the winner of this mo-fo-ing dance-off, but see what you think. 2016.04.15

Sucky-Baby Makeover Freakouts On America's Next Top Model

The best part of every Cycle, and also, weirdly, the most real. 2016.04.14

Robocop's Anti-Drug PSA

Peter Weller: Wooden, or stifling giggles? Decide for yourself! 2016.04.07

Ponch Is Ripping Up The Floor In This CHiPs Disco Tribute Remix

Erik Estrada, however, may not be, 'cause there's an awful lot of cuts to a wider shot. 2016.04.06

Patty Duke Reacts To A Falling-Down-Drunk George Washington

Or to the fact that she has a fancy straw plate on her head. One of those. 2016.04.05

Mickey Mantle On Late Night In 1985

On Opening Day, let's hear from The Mick on his autobiography, missing the team bus, and Rickey Henderson's salary. 2016.04.04

Times Change, But The Junk Science In Shampoo Ads Remains The Same

And so does Kelly LeBrock's winning in-on-the-joke delivery in this supercut of vintage shampoo commercials. 2016.03.28

A 30-Minute Phil Leotardo Supercut From The Sopranos

Frank Vincent played a bishop on SVU this week; enjoy the resentful bitch-op of his Brooklyn capo. 2016.03.24

Schoolkids Interviewed The Smiths In 1984

British children's show DataRun captioned the lead singer 'Morressey,' but you can't have everything. 2016.03.23

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