Let's Go To The Videotape

Hop in our time machine for the best — and the rest — of TV yesteryear.

Joan Rivers Bitched About Dating Double Standards On The Ed Sullivan Show

'The last girl in Larchmont' and the most 1967 bouffant ever. 2016.05.17

Joe E. Tata Played A Croupier On Mission Impossible

The original series, because Joe E. Tata is EIGHTY YEARS OLD somehow. 2016.05.16

The Bad News Bears TV Show Looks Like, Well, Yeah

I mean, I love Jack Warden and everything, but: eesh. Still, it lasted two seasons. 2016.05.13

For Every '80s Classic Cop Show There Were Another Dozen That Suuuuucked

And Mike Post may have written the music for every last one of them. 2016.05.12

This Montage Of 1980s Sci-Fi Credits Sequences Will Fill You With Delight And Confusion

Robert Hays as the titular Starman barely scratches the derrrr-face here, people. 2016.05.11

Arsenio Hosted A Partridge Family Mini-Reunion In 1993

David Cassidy's earring and Danny Bonaduce's mullet also attended. ...Hey, where're you going? 2016.05.10

Six Seasons Of Alicia Outfits On The Good Wife

Love those notch collars or hate 'em, The Hairpin collected 'em all from Seasons 1-6. 2016.05.09

A Few Of The Famous Peeps Who Rang The Doorbell On It's Garry Shandling's Show

Oh hi, Tom Petty playing yourself and also Garry's neighbor! (...?) 2016.04.29

Oprah Winfrey Sang With Dolly Parton On Dolly's Variety Hour

And in a late-'80s big-hair battle, everyone wins. 2016.04.28

Hey, Joey Montage From Friends; How YOU Doin'?

Maybe this bit got old for y'all, but Sarah D. Bunting is still saying it. To Pringles, but still. 2016.04.27

Get Collared By This Paul Lynde Supercut

Center-square highlights from days gone by. 2016.04.26

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