Let's Go To The Videotape

Hop in our time machine for the best — and the rest — of TV yesteryear.

Powers Boothe Won An Emmy Playing Jim Jones

Beat some serious competish in 1980, too. 2016.09.13

James Earl Jones Narrated A UFO-Abduction Special

And he's not the only one banking a mortgage payment with Visitors From The Unknown. 2016.09.12

Apple Ad Asks, 'Who Is Newton?'

And gives new meaning to the term 'inappropriate PDA.' 2016.09.09

Betamax Was The DVR Of The Late '70s

Also, people sat waaaaay too close to the TV. 2016.09.08

This Edsel Ad Makes The Car Seem...Pretty Cool, Actually

Not to mention whatever restaurant Mr. and Mrs. Mansplanation are in at the beginning that has individual lamps at each table. 2016.09.07

Bill Bixby Shilled For Diet Pills

Y'know, before they...found the rat poison. 2016.09.06

Pop And Lock Into Labor Day With The Electric Boogaloos On Soul Train

The funkiest in modern robotics, via the Bar-Kays and Don Cornelius. 2016.09.02

So Apparently The Monkees Won TWO Emmys In 1967?

And Milton Berle is really psyched about it. It was a strange time. 2016.09.01

That Time Lance Bass Guested On 7th Heaven

You know who else apparently thought it was ridiculous? Lance Bass. 2016.08.31

Alice Cooper's Guest Shot On Gene Wilder's '90s Sitcom

Which, although it's called Something Wilder, stars Wilder as Gene...Bergman. 2016.08.30

They Might Be Giants Guest-Hosted Nick Rocks In 1989

Hey, it's the Dial-A-Song hotline. Kids, ask your parents. 2016.08.29

The Jackson 5 Did A Decades-Spanning Medley On The Carol Burnett Show

And when Carol tries to shoehorn herself into 'The Beat Goes On,' Randy and Janet are Not Having It. 2016.08.26

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