Let's Go To The Videotape

Hop in our time machine for the best — and the rest — of TV yesteryear.

HBO's First Comedy Special Back In The '70s Featured Jay Leno

On Location: Freddie Prinze And Friends also showcased Elayne Boosler and some weird prop comedy. 2016.10.18

Before Hamilton, There Was Liberty! The American Revolution

Which, based on the exclamation point in the title, you might assume was also a musical. It isn't, but: Bosco as Ben Franklin! 2016.10.14

Alas, Spock Did Not Play Marco Polo In Marco Polo

But he did play a man from a faraway land, while wearing a helmet with a built-in mullet. 2016.10.12

Taye Diggs Looked About 13 On Guiding Light

But he rolled his eyes like a grown-up. 2016.10.07

Ray Liotta Rocked A Splendiferous Feathery 'Do On Another World

As you do on your character's late-'70s wedding day. 2016.10.06

Superman Couldn't Save Love Of Life

Unable to leap sinking ratings in a single bound: it's Christopher Reeve on a morning soap! 2016.10.05

Sarah Michelle Gellar Talked Angrily To A Picture Of Her Boss On All My Children

Granted, said boss is Erica Kane, but it's still so soapy it hurts. 2016.10.03

Michael Cerveris And His Leonine Pouf Weren't Very Supportive Of 21 Jump Street: The New Class's Alexandra Powers

Remember that time Depp bailed and the show tried to make us care about Rocky and Garrett? ...Us either. 2016.09.29S05.E02

Brad Pitt And His Mullet In A Very Special Ep Of 21 Jump Street

What's worse -- that that mullet might be a wig? Or that it might NOT be? 2016.09.27S02.E20

Pamela Adlon Played A Teen Psychic On 21 Jump Street

Come for the overwritten histrionics, stay for Depp's costume. 2016.09.26S04.E06

Peter Scolari Cracks Tom Hanks Up On Bosom Buddies

Which is, let's face it, funnier than anything the show tried to do on purpose. 2016.09.23

Regina King Went On Family Feud As Her 227 Character, Brenda

Second prize is TWO pairs of those shoulderpads! ...Sorry: two MORE pairs besides the two she's already wearing! Oh, eighties. 2016.09.22

Sarah Paulson Made An Unlikely-Buddy TV Movie With Jack Lemmon

Welcome to the dark period between American Gothic and Jack & Jill. 2016.09.21

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