Let's Go To The Videotape

Hop in our time machine for the best — and the rest — of TV yesteryear.

200 Of Arrested Development's Greatest Quotes

Some of the 'quotes' consist of Tobias sobbing -- but we'll allow it. 2016.11.30

What's The Best Lorelai/Coffee Gilmore Girls Supercut The Internet Has To Offer?

Maybe it's this one; maybe Sarah D. Bunting should buckle down with a swirlaccino and keep looking. 2016.11.29

Watch A Season 8 Blooper Reel From Seinfeld

'Please: hold your applause until we've ALL screwed up.' 2016.11.28

Watch Rick Springfield (Over-)Play A Desperate Cocaine Addict In Silent Motive

In which a single under-two-minute clip renders the rest of the movie irrelevant. 2016.11.18

The Eternal Life Of Jacqueline Susann's Valley Of The Dolls

Isn't it time for an HBO or a Starz to redo it as a period piece? 2016.11.17

Lifetime Movie The Babysitter's Seduction Is A Cringefest

In more ways than one. At least RevCam's creepiness is scripted this time. 2016.11.16

A Veep Awkward-Meeting Mashup

Walkin' the walk, talkin' the pork. 2016.11.04

Michelle Obama And Melania Trump's Autotune Duet

Hey, at least Melania's convention 'homage' is good for something. 2016.11.03

This Is A Sorkinisms Supercut, And You Know It, Too

Don't worry, it won't feel like getting screwed with your pants on. 2016.11.01

A Supercut Of Sick Outfield Catches

I think Griffey's still feeling that faceful of fence. 2016.10.28

Paul Sorvino Played Joe Torre In A TV Biopic

Co-starring a series of wretched green screens as themselves! 2016.10.26

Keith Hernandez And Mookie Wilson Worked The Count On Sesame Street

And if you think THAT pun is bad, wait until the show gets into the act with the bat jokes. 2016.10.25S19.E70

Don Drysdale Talked Greg Out Of Pro Ball On The Brady Bunch

Possibly so he wouldn't take Eddie Gaedel's gig. 2016.10.24S02.E01

Kathryn Erbe Had A Role On Jackie Mason's Doomed Sitcom, Chicken Soup

That the water closed over this one like a stone is for the best -- but that skirt is pretty cute? 2016.10.20

Jerry Lewis Had A Recurring Role On Wiseguy

And it does not make the overall experience of his IMDb page any more coherent. 2016.10.19

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