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The Killing Season's Joshua Zeman And Rachel Mills On How A Community Creates Monsters

The filmmakers behind A&E's upcoming true-crime event series talked to Sarah D. Bunting about Capote, becoming the story, and moving away from whodunits. 2016.11.11

In Stan Against Evil, John C. McGinley Isn't Bruce Campbell, And That's Okay

But the Scrubs star does fight demons in his new IFC comedy. 2016.11.02S01.E01

Wendell Pierce Is Busier Than You Are

The Odd Couple star is in everything. He's also saving the world. 2016.10.17

James Pickens Jr. May Not Officially Be The Chief Of Grey's Anatomy Anymore...But He Still Totally Is

And if he says we shouldn't worry about the election, we won't. Maybe. 2016.09.22

Big Brother Host Julie Chen Thinks It's Cool If You Call Her Chenbot

Also, don't expect her to lose it on The Talk. 2016.09.21

One Mississippi's Noah Harpster Talks About The Challenges Of Acting In Someone Else's Autobiography

One of those challenges: wearing full Civil War regalia in the Texas sun without fainting. 2016.09.19

Sara Gilbert Says The Talk Is Just As Huggy As It Looks

And do not mess with Sharon Osbourne. 2016.09.14

No Big Deal, But Ron Cephas Jones Has Connections To Hamilton, Mr. Robot And Luke Cage

He's everywhere! ...No, he's really everywhere. Liane Bonin Starr chatted with him at the TCA press tour! 2016.08.10

The Americans's Kelly AuCoin On Playing A Man Of Faith, His Reaction To Matthew Rhys's Real Accent, And His Character's Groovy, Groovy Hair

Kelly AuCoin tells us which Law & Order star was the most considerate on a chilly set, and much more! 2016.06.09

'We All Understand That There Is A Game Being Played' - Sam Donovan

Project Runway All Stars's controversial alleged flirt on Kini, Ken, Mitchell, Buffy, and meshing (hee) with the judges. 2016.05.09

How To Get Away With Murder Star Conrad Ricamora Wasn't Even Supposed To Make It Past The Pilot

Now he's got a regular TV gig. And he's starring in a Broadway musical. And he's talking to Mark Blankenship! 2015.11.24

These People Is The Really-Dysfunctional-Family Web Series You Should Be Watching

Co-creator Zac Hug tells us about his show's lunatic characters and how even Meryl Streep unloads the dishwasher. 2015.11.18

Blindspot Star Marianne Jean-Baptiste Is Not Cool With Colorblind Casting

She'd like to see some people on TV who aren't so pretty, too. 2015.10.19

You're the Worst's Aya Cash Is A Badass; Is Not Gretchen

And if you're pissed about the show moving to FXX, she can explain it all for you. 2015.10.14

Caroline Dries Tells Us About Killing People...On The Vampire Diaries

The series EP also says Stefan's taken 'his head out of his ass,' but we knew that. 2015.10.07

Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Terry Crews Can Keep A Cool Head In A Squad Room Set, Or The NFL, Or A Drought

Yes, he's just as relentlessly upbeat as his Brooklyn Nine-Nine character. 2015.09.25

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