I Am The...

Allow various (mostly) inanimate objects from TV shows to introduce themselves.

I Am The Stussy Stamp On Fargo

And I'm here to remind you that philately will get you nowhere. 2017.05.24S03.E06

I Am An Old-Fashioned Donut, Here To Make The Most Out Of Fuller House's Crummy Situation

My kind made people sick, but in S02.E09, we also brought them closer together. 2016.12.15S02.E09

I Am The Corn Cob From Fuller House S02.E05

Tales from a corn cob that takes an incredible journey. 2016.12.13S02.E05

I Am The Time Machine On Timeless

And time is on my side -- yes it is. 2016.11.22S01.E07

I Am The Death Smog Of London On The Crown

It's not all my fault, I swear! 2016.11.08S01.E04

We Are The Holey Hoodies On The Streets Of Luke Cage's Harlem

We would take a bullet for you, but please stop asking us to. 2016.10.07S01.E12

We Are The Plate-Glass Windows Of Luke Cage's Harlem, And We're Not Amused

Does it feel just like you're walking on broken glass? There's a reason for that. 2016.09.30S01.E02

Game Of Thrones's Red Woman Weighs In On Dove Chocolate's New Commercial

Has Dove Chocolate's latest ad campaign gone too far? One witch says yes! 2016.08.25

I Am The 'Rory,' The Drink Created Solely For Rory Gilmore's 21st Birthday

I'm pink and special, and there's not a diner owner in the world that can tell me otherwise. 2016.08.18

Star Trek's Medium Brown Tribble With Little White Spots Speaks!

The trouble with tribbles is carrying a knife when you don't have opposable thumbs. 2016.07.29S02.E15

I Am The Bat'leth from Star Trek

I am the sword...the shield...the legend. 2016.07.27

I Am The Geller Cup From Friends, And I Am More Than Just A Nailed-Down Troll Doll

I may be a troll on the outside, but on the inside, I'm filled with PTSD and I'm ready to explode. 2016.07.07S03.E09

Cottonelle Takes Its Nosy Fecal Questions To The Gym

Have you ever been trying to squeeze in a workout only for some weird British lady to get in your face and ask you all about your ass-wiping routine? These people have. 2016.06.15

I Am The Horn Of Joshua, And I Am So Pissed At Everyone In Supernatural

I've been around since Biblical times, and these guys toss me around like a Kleenex? 2016.04.07S11.E18

I Am Daredevil's Walking Cane

And I am more than able to guide him through a rough night. 2016.03.23S04.E06

I Am The Chain From Daredevil's 'New York's Finest'

...and I wish I were being used in almost any other capacity, because it was a busy night for me. 2016.03.21S02.E03

In Chapter 45, House Of Cards Goes Organic

A medical issue arises, and we get an exclusive from a key figure. 2016.03.07S04.E06

I Am The 100's Savior A.I. Vessel

And during my brief respite from living under the skin of Grounder commanders, I'm going to tell my story. 2016.03.04S03.E07

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