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Exploring the relationships between our favourite TV characters.

The Dobject Of Their Affection

Does Dobby belong with Mark or Jeremy? 2012.12.20S08.E04

Confirmed: Lix And Brown Have *A Past*

Not only that: it's juicy! 2012.12.13S02.E03

Scandal Serves Up A Presidential Love Triangle

It's hard to root for the First Lady, but it's also hard not to. 2012.12.07S02.E08

Mordecai And Rigby Give Us A Fully Realized Portrait Of Male Friendship

Just because they are a blue jay and a raccoon, respectively, that doesn't mean the portrait is any less real. 2012.12.04

Courtney Stodden May Have A New Problem

Her name is Krista, and she seems like she might be into Doug. Also, Krista is Courtney's mom. 2012.11.15S02.E08

But Is Carrie *Really* In Love With Brody?

Sure, she's mentally ill, but still! 2012.10.29S02.E05

Jeff And Zoila Are Still TV's Best Frenemies

Or is theirs Flipping Out's real love story? 2012.10.17S06.E07

Nolan And Emily's Friendship Is The Best

An appreciation of Revenge's (sometimes reluctant) besties. 2012.10.01

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