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Exploring the relationships between our favourite TV characters.

No One Is On Team Collin

Is Jenna, even? Is Collin? 2013.10.23S03.E11

Friends 'Til The End

...but it's the end. 2013.10.14S05.E03

O Captain, My Captain

On Santiago's attempts to ingratiate herself with Holt on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 2013.10.09S01.E04

Sarah Burns Hearts

It isn't great that Sarah cheated on Robbie, but Camp's handling of it is. 2013.08.29S01.E08

No Takebacks

On Switched At Birth, Regina and Angelo decide not to embark on a reunion tour...but what now? 2013.08.13S02.E20

Another Friendship Destroyed By The E.U.

On Borgen, Bent and Birgitte find politics intruding on their friendship. 2013.08.05S02.E02

How I Met Your Mother

A moment of crisis for the Fosters lets us flash back to how Stef and Lena got together. 2013.07.30S01.E09

Everybody Loves Mike

Mike finds himself in the middle of a friendship triangle on Suits. 2013.07.24S03.E02

Bridge-ing The Gap Between Neurotypical And Aspie

Hank and Sonya are TV's latest odd-couple platonic friendship to root for. 2013.07.18S01.E02

A Separation

Borgen shows why a Danish Prime Minister can't have it all. 2013.07.15S01.E09

Mr. And Mrs. Erotic American

On The Americans, Clark and Martha prove that you don't need to be a real person to get real sexy. 2013.07.05

Divya And Jeremiah: Get Into It

Progress inches forward with our commentator's favourite Royal Pains pairing! 2013.06.27S05.E03

Jackie Makes Up For Lost Time

It's a good thing Jackie's divorce is final now, because girlfriend is the object of everyone's desire. 2013.05.13S05.E05

With A Heavy Heart

It's the end of the journey for S9's Sam and Stephanie. But why? 2013.05.09

'Am I Your Hero?'

Though Louise Belcher violently rejects the idea that she might idolize her father, the two of them might actually be each other's hero. 2013.05.06S03.E22

Sadie And Matty: Non-Carnal Soul Twins

Notes on TV's most unlikely friendship. 2013.04.24S03.E03

Hold The Line

Our favorite TV work spouses survived a change of agency for Peggy. Will Heinz tear them apart? 2013.04.15S06.E03

Alicia + Will 4-neva

Willicia is over, Good Wife writers. How's about we keep it that way? 2013.03.25S04.E18

Bobby Has Found His Soulmate

His soulmate's name is Dog Travis. 2013.02.20S04.E07

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