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Exploring the relationships between our favourite TV characters.

With Friends Like Agustin, Who Needs Demons From Hell?

Seriously, though. His friendship with Patrick is the worst. 2014.02.23S01.E06

Claire And Frank Underwood Bring Us A Beautiful Portrait Of Commitment And Love

Sarah and Tara consider the relationship at the heart of House Of Cards. 2014.02.20

The Fosters Lets Jude And Callie Come Apart, And Get Back Together

How do you rebuild trust? With a birthday scavenger hunt. 2014.02.18S01.E16

Ilana's Not Into Lincoln Because Ilana's Not Into Happiness, Apparently?

But eventually, she better realize that he's the best. 2014.02.12S01.E04

Dear Hart

You don't have to honor your vows, but keep the side action offscreen, because it's wasting valuable crime-solving time. 2014.01.19S01.E02

How Much Of A Punishment Is Peralta And Santiago's Terrible Date, Really?

When the Brooklyn Nine-Nine colleagues bet on their competence, Peralta's gloating victory lap may mean something more. Eventually. 2014.01.14S01.E13

Samantha And Larissa: Best Frenemies

The Carrie Diaries shows how rivals can overcome their differences and find common ground: with sex! 2014.01.13S02.E10

Why Can't Sue And Darrin Get It Together?!

Star-crossed love among the dorky. 2014.01.09S05.E10

Parenthood's Hank And Max Show How Hard Friendship Can Be

A broken promise leaves Hank wondering how much he actually has in common with Max. 2014.01.02S05.E11

Everybody Loves Virginia

Masters Of Sex puts its female lead in a love triangle with a guy who hit her and another guy who tried to pay her for sex. Dating is hard! 2013.12.09S01.E11

The Only Ship That's Worth A Damn Is Friendship

Juliette and Avery are Nashville's best characters individually, and they're wonderful as friends. Let's not push our luck, okay? 2013.11.27S02.E08

That's So Ravn

Borgen's Katrine and Kasper have one of the most interesting relationships on TV. In which direction will latest interloper Soren Ravn push it? 2013.11.25S03.E08

The Horseman's Motivation Is Lame

Sarah's voting neigh on the love-triangle revelation from last night's ep. 2013.11.19S01.E08

Virginia Vs. Lillian: Battle Of The Science-Loving Ladies

Will the Masters Of Sex foes ever be friends? 2013.11.18S01.E08

Never Gonna Give It Up

Remember when the Virgin Queen of Beverly Hills, 90210 almost Did It? 2013.11.15

Love Potion Number

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. wisely turns its attention to its two most likable characters. Let the adorably awkward romance begin! 2013.11.06S01.E06

A Plea To Keep Victory Sex Outside Sleepy Hollow Town Limits

Keep Sleepy Hollow's supernatural workplace drama professional. 2013.11.05S01.E06

Lessons In Misanthropy

Is Elementary's Watson learning how to be a detective -- or how to be lonely? 2013.10.25S02.E05

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