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Exploring the relationships between our favourite TV characters.

Seventy Years Of Failing To Kill Each Other

The relationship between Setrakian and Eichhorst is more complicated than we thought. But not by much. 2014.08.24S01.E07

Here's Who Should Strike Up Strange Inmate Friendships In Season 3 Of OITNB

Because if Watson and Yoga Jones can find common ground sticking forks into electrical outlets, there's hope for us all. 2014.06.19

Jackie Reminds Us That She Can Really Use A Friend

And she really will use a friend, and think nothing of it. 2014.06.15S06.E10

Jessica Starts Taking 'Morning Meetings'

Probably giving some too. If you follow. ('Morning meeting' = Sex.) 2014.06.12S04.E01

Playing House's Emma And Bruce: Frenemies In A Truce

There's some human garbage you just can't remove from your life. Here's how to handle it. 2014.05.28S01.E06

Playing Matchmaker For Playing House

Based on what we've seen of Pinebrook so far, how are Emma and Maggie's odds of finding love? 2014.05.14S01.E04

Peter And Alicia's Marriage Of Convenience Is Not So Convenient For The Third Person In It

Eli's reaction to the facts of the Florricks' 'arrangement' shows how his relationship to them has changed. 2014.05.12S05.E21

Chummy And Mummy Return To The Field Of Battle

Which, since they're posh ladies, means 'at high tea.' But will this be Lady Browne's last chance to disappoint her daughter? 2014.05.11S03.E07

Birdbones Tries To Peck Her Way In With A Couple Of BFFs

Playing House makes female friendship both hilarious and poignant. 2014.04.29S01.E02

How Much More Complicated Could Mindy's Love Life Get?

Wild speculation about Mindy Project love triangles that don't actually exist, but could, or could they?! 2014.04.15S02.E19

The Real Midwives Of Poplar

No one flips a table, but the spat between Jenny and Trixie is as close as Call The Midwife gets to Real Housewives realness...and ultimately just brings them closer together. (Aw!) 2014.04.06S03.E02

Liz And Tom's Viciously Twisted Marriage Makes The Blacklist Must-See TV

Who's going to crack first and start punching? Mark can barely handle the suspense! 2014.04.01S01.E18

Broad City Closes Its First Season With One Last Proof Of Abbi And Ilana's Pure, Transcendent Love

The rest of the relationships on television will have to work pretty hard to top this love story. 2014.03.26S01.E10

And That's Why You Put The Toy Together As Soon As You Get It

An epic game of True American has far-reaching consequences in the latest New Girl. 2014.03.25S03.E20

Are Two Jerries Better than One?

Just imagine how upset Brooklyn Nine-Nine's schlubby duo would make Tom Haverford. 2014.03.25

Wagstaff's Fiercest Frenemies Bat Each Other Around

The ballad of Tina and Tammy adds an angry new verse. 2014.03.16S04.E13

All The Hassle Of A Terrible Roommate, And None Of The Help With The Rent

After months (years?) of driving Abbi crazy, Bevers reaches a new level of irritating, thanks to Hurricane Wanda. 2014.03.05S01.E07

Ilana's Almost Perfect Partner Has One Big Flaw

And it's definitely not in his pants! It is, in fact, on display for all to see. 2014.02.26S01.E06

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