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Jackie And Eddie, Sittin' In A Tree (That's On Fire)

The premiere of Nurse Jackie's final season gives love a bad name. 2015.04.12S07.E01

Michael: Rogelio's New Brogelio

Jane's dad and Jane's ex have really hit it off since Rogelio's ride-along, and their friendship is a beautiful thing. 2015.04.07S01.E17

Better Sell Out Saul

Saul Goodman's supervillain origin story comes into clearer focus with a heartbreaking betrayal by someone close to Jimmy. 2015.03.31S01.E09

On Broad City, Learning To Love Yourself Is The Greatest Love Of All

Ilana finds her perfect woman, and you'll never guess what she's (exactly) like! 2015.03.11S02.E09

Which Of Jane's Swains Is Her Destiny?

And...does it have to be either? 2015.03.09S01.E15

Who Knew A Business Loan Could Be So Beautiful?

Doris and Dom's friendship makes Mark cry. 2015.03.01S02.E07

Constructive Sisterism

No one can encourage you to be your best self by calling out your worst qualities like your first/best/worst friend. 2015.02.22S01.E06

Foleys Love Cool Grieco

When Nick's 'dreamboat' godson comes for a visit, which of his godsisters will capture his heart/pompadour? 2015.02.10S02.E06

Donna Gets Litt Up, But Will Louis Regret Burning Their Friendship?

As Louis lashes out against everyone around him, his betrayal by Donna seems to cut the deepest. 2015.01.29S04.E11

Ron And Leslie And All About That Breakup

Two determined enemies consider a path to peace -- a path that cuts right through the fire Billy Joel didn't start. 2015.01.21S07.E04

Woman-On-Woman Violence

Valerie's need to save her marriage rams into Jane's need for good footage. 2014.12.21S02.E07

Valerie And Paulie G.: Frenemies By Contractual Obligation

The latest spat between Seeing Red's star and creator shows the complexity of their feelings for each other. 2014.12.07S02.E05

Rogen: Hero

Seeing Red's fake Paulie G. is a lot nicer to Valerie (and in general) than the real one, but then, he is Canadian. 2014.11.23S02.E03

Dale's A Lumberjack And He's Okay

Ali's new boyfriend could be great for her, provided that he actually exists. 2014.11.04S01.E07

The Female Agent Has Two Faces

On The Blacklist, Navabi is basically the cooler version of Keen. 2014.11.04S02.E07

The Romantic Pairings of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Checking in on the various doomed love affairs that occupy the agents' time when they're not saving the world. 2014.10.29S02.E06

Sarah Invites Maura Into Girl World

A ladies' brunch date reveals terrifying new terrain for Maura. Fortunately, Sarah is a sure-footed guide. 2014.10.14S01.E04

I Won't Be Your Father Figure

The Doctor puts Clara on notice that he's not going to be there till the end of…tiiime. 2014.10.05S08.E07

Fish And Oswald, Sitting In A Tree. K-I-L-L-I-N-G.

These psychotic Gotham frenemies should never break up. 2014.09.29S01.E01

From Foes To Frenemies: The Cleary And Sister Harriet Story

The carnage of botched abortion makes for strange...well, not bedfellows. But...something. 2014.09.05S01.E04

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