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How Should Playing House Resolve Emma's Love Triangle?

Let's weigh the pros and cons of Emma's suddenly overstuffed love life. 2015.08.25S02.E05

Maggie Gets Her Gossip Shipped To Her Overnight On Playing House

Maggie's friendship with Rod the delivery driver is the pivot point in an eventful Playing House. 2015.08.18S02.E04

Mr. Robot Puts A Refreshing Spin On Buddy Cops

Darlene and Trenton seriously need their own spinoff. 2015.08.06S01.E07

I Lost My Lunch In San Francisco

Sarah D. Bunting does not feature Terry and Raffi Doing It. AT ALL. 2015.08.04S02.E09

The Strain's Dutch And Fet Have Found Love, But Should They Be Together?

Or is a shared mission to kill supernatural beasts the best basis for a lasting relationship? 2015.07.26S02.E03

On Humans, Anita Finds A Reluctant Ally In Laura

And at this point, she really needs one. 2015.07.19S01.E04

Here's To Verity And Demelza, Poldark's Unlikely Gal Pals

A lot of things on this show may feel unearned, but Verity and Demelza's friendship isn't one of them. 2015.07.12S01.E04

The Battle For A Volunteer Nurse's Soul Is Waged In Soldier's Laps

When frenemy Sisters Quayle and Livesey disagree about how much responsibility to give the VADs, Rosalie gets caught in the middle. And so do a couple of anonymous dongs. 2015.06.28S01.E02

Making Friends And Panties, Of All Colors

The Litchfield division of Whispers's Panties By Prisoners line is a sweatshop that everyone can bond over. 2015.06.17S03.E06

From Russia With Love

A man working in a women's prison who can't relate to women, and a female inmate who can't relate to women. A match made in prison heaven? 2015.06.16S03.E05

Wolf Pact

We're trained to want Penny Dreadful's Vanessa and Ethan to get together. But do we really? 2015.05.31S02.E05


Foggy circumstances lead to a crash with the 'Dock. 2015.05.21S01.E10

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Closes Out Season 2 By Cementing A True Love Story

Not the one you think! Well, maybe the one you think, but also another one. 2015.05.18S02.E23

Hale To The Veep

Gary and Selina's relationship is anything but simple, but sometimes Miami Sunburst is all you need. 2015.05.01S04.E03

You Can Ring My Bell

When Watson is a lady, Holmes must find bromance elsewhere. 2015.05.01S03.E22

A Rose By Any Other Name Should Also Get With Drake

They love each other. He's single again. Quit teasing us and marry them off already, Ripper Street. 2015.04.29S03.E01

Harold And Mad

Is Red Road's reluctant cross-jurisdictional partnership just what the show needs? 2015.04.16S02.E03

Rogelio's Past Mistakes Threaten His Extraordinary Future

A visit from Rogelio's beloved mother dredges up some really old business. 2015.04.14S01.E18

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