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Exploring the relationships between our favourite TV characters.

Grey's Anatomy Of A Marriage

A sometimes tedious, yet always emotional, twelve-year journey through April and Jackson's relationship. 2016.02.26S12.E11

Vikings's Ragnar Just Keeps Floki Hangin' On

This is like when Ross and Rachel were 'on a break,' but with murder. 2016.02.25S04.E02

Mickey's 'Nice' Friends Bring Out The Best In Each Other On Love

Gus and Bertie end up sitting in a tree in 'The Date,' the fifth episode of Love's first season. 2016.02.23S01.E05

Better Call Saul Turns Brother Against Brother, Again, Some More

Chuck comes out of confinement, and Jimmy has a little slip. 2016.02.22S02.E02

Alex's Honesty Continues Terrifying Tina In The Togetherness Season 2 Premiere

On his birthday, Alex gives Tina the gift of the truth. Unfortunately for both of them, she's still not trying to hear it. 2016.02.21S02.E01

Hanna's Torn Between Two Lovers On Pretty Little Liars And Only One Of Them Got An Ominous Egg Face

But Jordan has that sexy accent, which makes up for the sweaty weirdness. 2016.02.17S06.E16

This Ex-Girlfriend May Be Crazy, But She's Also Really Sweet

Rebecca learns multiple lessons about empowerment, the importance of bug spray, and why she and Josh just might be right for each other after all. 2016.02.01S01.E10

Pretty Little Liars Redistributes Hanna's Sloppy Seconds

Sure, Hanna's happy for the new couple, because she's getting married! ...Right. 2016.01.27S06.E13

Lucifer Is Absolutely The Worst Ex-Boyfriend You Ever Had

The Darkness Looks like a dream date next to this guy. 2016.01.21S11.E10

Is Elementary's Dr. Watson Gettin' That Bell Rung?

Or is this merely a ship of fools? 2016.01.14S04.E08

The Mindy Project Flashes Back To The Past While Questioning Danny And Mindy's Future

Are the fights Mindy and Danny have been having since he returned from California actually...pretty serious? 2015.12.08S04.E13

Are Two Of The Librarians Checking Each Other Out?

Is there a romantic future for Cassakiel? Ezendra? A synesthief? 2015.12.07S02.E07

Fargo Gives Us The Solversons As A Reminder That Families Can Be Better Than Merely 'Functional'

Which is important, because the other families this season are past 'dysfunctional' and actively devouring themselves. 2015.11.09S02.E05

Jane The Virgin's Motherhood Tests A Lifelong Friendship

But some bonds are so strong not even stupid babies can break them. 2015.11.03S02.E04

Passive-Aggression's Touching My Soul

They know what they want, but they just don't know / how to go about gettin' it. 2015.10.19S04.E06

Can Bay And Regina Weather Regina's New Life?

Bay worries about losing Regina to new love, and the suburbs, on Switched At Birth. 2015.09.14S04.E14

Oh No For Coco And Palmer, The Strain's Mismatched Lovebirds

Will an assassination attempt and the intervention of The Master keep this May-late-late-late-December romance going? 2015.09.13S02.E10

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