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Exploring the relationships between our favourite TV characters.

Here's Why Feed The Beast's Tooth Fairy Needs To Pay Pilar An Evening Visit

Lord knows Feed The Beast's ostensible protagonists are in no shape for romantic relationships. So why not assess a much stronger prospect for Pilar? 2016.06.21S01.E04

On Orange Is The New Black, Poussey Only Sees Soso Through The Eyes Of Love

So what if Soso thinks her new girlfriend is a crack baby? It's love! Liane Bonin Starr plots their relationship arc in S04.E03. 2016.06.20S04.E03

Does Demon Hunting Make For Solid Bromance On Outcast?

It may be time for Kyle to take a closer look at his relationship with Rev. Anderson. 2016.06.17S01.E03

Charles Manson And Dennis Wilson Strike A Chord On Aquarius

Sarah D. Bunting doesn't really love the show, but this friendship might keep her hangin' on. 2016.06.16S02.E01

Even Dinosaurs Have In-Laws

A clash of personalities really isn't a reason to be tossed into a tar pit, now, is it? 2016.06.01S01.E03

Royal Pains Lets Jeremiah Explore His Complex Relationship With His Biggest Rival

Frenemies Jeremiah and Rosie are forced to reconsider what they mean to each other. (Mostly the human; not so much the dog.) 2016.05.25S08.E02

Adelaide Needs To Escape Her Inevitable Pairing With Houdini

Why the 'will they/won't they?' dynamic on Houdini & Doyle ends up being one of the show's more unbelievable elements. 2016.05.09S01.E02

Grey's Anatomy Moves Out Of The Operating Room And Into The Courtroom

The custody battle for Sofia takes center stage. 2016.05.06S12.E22

Jane The Virgin Breaks The Seal On Some Real Talk With Her Mother

Jane's bachelorette party is the prelude for a conversation both Xiomara and Jane are going to be feeling for a while. 2016.04.12S02.E17

Should Broad City's Abbi Think Thrice About Dating Trey?

We know he likes weights. So let's weigh some pros and cons. 2016.03.30S03.E07

Daredevil's Foggy Needs To Go A-Courting And Woo His Ex

Daredevil's bestie has a romantic prospect that he needs to resolve in S02.E11, because it's never going to get better than a woman whose idea of a get well gift is top-shelf booze. 2016.03.29S02.E11

Daredevil's Best Baddies Could Write A Rad Bromance

A jailhouse bargain signals a meeting of the (sociopathic) minds...but it really could be so much more if only they’d let it. 2016.03.25S02.E09

On Vikings, Ragnar Still Has Feelings For Lagertha, But He Really Shouldn't Touch That

Lagertha may have a soft spot for her ex, but she doesn't mess around. 2016.03.24S04.E06

Vikings's Rollo Discovers That Girls Get Turned On When You Speak French

Did this show just become soft porn? If so, no one's complaining. 2016.03.10S04.E04

Jane The Virgin Welcomes New Babies, Recycles Old Dramas

Rafael and Petra have the family they always wanted, but where do they go from here? 2016.03.07S02.E14

Kimmy And Fernando, Sitting In A Fuller House

Ramona's birthday presents an interesting question: why can't her parents just stay together? 2016.03.02S01.E07

Is Better Call Saul's Kim A Winning Partner, Or Just Another 'Wet Blanket Wife'?

Jimmy is doing a lot of things he shouldn't. Is it automatically problematic for a feminist viewer if one of the people pointing this out to him is a woman he wants to continue dating? 2016.03.01S02.E03

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