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Exploring the relationships between our favourite TV characters.

Everyone's Relationships Are 'Fall'ing Apart On Better Call Saul

Even relationships you wouldn't think could get any worse. 2017.06.13S03.E09

Madison Plots On Jeremiah's Prepper Farm On Fear The Walking Dead

Maddie's trying to work all the angles against a charismatic leader who's definitely no angel. 2017.06.11S03.E03

Angry Leprechauns And Undead Wives Make Strange Bedfellows On American Gods

Are Mad Sweeney and Laura secretly the show's lead characters? 2017.06.11S01.E07

Do We See A Future With Erica On Doctor Who?

Or has she merely blinded the Doctor with science? 2017.05.28S10.E07

A Match Made In A Fuller House

There's a new Gibbler in town, but this one seems like a keeper. 2016.12.12S02.E02

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Latest Breakup Cuts The Deepest

Rebecca's latest heartbreak may be too much to bear -- for her, and for our commentator. 2016.12.02S02.E06

Cupid's Arrow Gets An Assist From Deadlier Weapons On Supergirl

Are the Girl of Steel and her sister becoming girls who steal hearts? 2016.11.29S02.E08

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life Gives Two Soulmates A New Chance At Lifelong Bliss

Rory and Paris have both made some questionable decisions over the years, but choosing each other wouldn't be one of them. 2016.11.29S08.E02

All Fear Has Been Overwhelmed By Desire On Rectify

Desire for gelato, that is -- but the show's ear for what's true is also being overwhelmed by the TV-weirdness of Chloe. 2016.11.16S04.E04

The Run Up To Jane The Virgin's Housewarming Finds All Its Characters Working On Their Relationships

Including some characters who've never had any relationships with each other before! 2016.11.08S03.E04

Does Supergirl Have A Future Sister-In-Law?

Maybe it’s finally Alex's turn to 'enjoy' a romantic subplot (i.e., mooning over someone unavailable)? 2016.11.01S02.E04

Can Black Mirror's Compromised Teenager Find Inter-Office Romance In 'Shut Up And Dance'?

He's just a bank-robbing pawn, standing in front of his boss, asking her to love him. 2016.10.25S03.E03

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Reunites A Pair Of Soulmates

Holt has really missed his daily dishes with Gina. ...You didn't think we meant Jake and Amy, did you?! 2016.10.04S04.E03

The Strain Only Has One Relationship That Still Works: Fet And Feraldo

The two go-getters get it done while everybody else sputters and stalls. 2016.08.28S03.E01

Clone High Lets JFK Consider Mounting A Flex Offense On His Basketball Teammate, 'John D'Arc'

JFK finds himself intrigued by a new member of Clone High's basketball team. Confused, but intrigued! 2016.08.19S01.E06

Can The Get Down's Mylene Please Figure Out Where She Actually Stands With Zeke?

After the friend zone maneuver of the century, Mylene figures that a personal gift will keep Zeke pining for her. Not cool, Mylene. Not cool. 2016.08.16S01.E03

Bojack Horseman's Diane And Mr. Peanutbutter Are Obviously In Counseling -- And That's Excellent

After Diane's professional meltdown, Mr. Peanutbutter proves he's in this marriage for the long haul. Since he's a good boy, yes he is, yes he is, and he's got a cute funny face. 2016.07.22S03.E01

Mike And Eleven From Stranger Things Are Sitting In A Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

These two hopeless weirdos are about a billion times more entertaining than Nancy and Steve. Plus, while El's the one with magic powers, she's still 100% less creepy than Steve is. 2016.07.18S01.E03

The Night Of's Heart Of Stone

How a dark procedural commentary on criminal justice uses its protagonist, and his relationships and reputation, in just the right way. 2016.07.17S01.E02

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