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Now That Gaga's Coming, Which Superstar Judges Should Be On RuPaul's Drag Race Next?

The show has clout, so why not use it to attract some flawless guests? 2017.02.23

Which Of Bryan Fuller's Repertory Players Should Make A Discovery?

Bryan Fuller has lots of old friends from canceled shows. Which ones should appear on his new Star Trek series? 2016.07.26

SNL Season 42: The First-Time Hosts We'd Like To See

New celebrities come along every year. Which ones should graduate to sketch comedy stars when Saturday Night Live returns in the fall? 2016.06.10

Who Should Be Supergirl's Superman?

When the Man of Steel next shows his face on The CW as Supergirl's cousin, whose face should it actually be? 2016.06.07

Dear CBS: Please Reboot These 1991 Sitcoms

Evening Shade. Designing Women. Murphy Brown. You have chills, too, right? Let's do this. 2016.05.31

With The Muppets Cancelled, Where Should The Muppets Star Next?

Now's every other TV producer's chance to create projects for some of the most iconic performers of our time! 2016.05.13

Who Should Play The Catch's Game?

Everyone wants to be on a Shondaland show, right? So let's make that happen. 2016.04.29S01.E06

Let's Give Jane The Virgin An Assist In The Dating Game!

Jane hates the game, but must she hate the players? We're swiping right on some potential future dates for her. 2016.02.02S02.E10

What Other Spooky Celebrities Should Join Marilyn Manson In The Cast of Salem?

Let's not pretend Criss Angel has anything else going on right now. 2016.01.22

What Other GoodFellas Alums Might Show Up In Future Episodes Of Shades Of Blue?

Not 'gotta get the papers, get the papers' guy. He's out...gettin' the papers. 2016.01.14S01.E02

In Which Of His Shows Should Greg Berlanti Be Deploying His Broken Hearts Club Cast Members?

Before he ran all of television, Greg Berlanti wrote and directed the 2000 gay softball romcom The Broken Hearts Club. We think some of that movie's stars should pop by some of his current productions. 2016.01.06

Who Should Portray Making A Murderer's Primary Players In The Premium-Cable Miniseries?

Sarah D. Bunting's wish list might surprise you. Dun dun DUNN! 2015.12.23S01.E07

Who Should Play Martin Shkreli On Law & Order: Special Victims Unit?

The story of one of 2015's most hated people has just about everything required for a great SVU -- except the right star to portray a fictionalized Pharmaceutical Bro. We have ideas! 2015.12.18

Casting Television To A T

Plenty of shows should be put on ice, but a select few should put Ice on. 2015.12.16

Pop: The Question

A few casting suggestions for the role of Abbie and Jenny's dad on Sleepy Hollow. 2015.10.23S03.E04

What New Girl Replacement For Zooey Deschanel Would Be Less Jarring Than Megan Fox?

It's only temporary, but still...bombshell Megan Fox in lieu of adorkable Zooey Deschanel? We have other ideas. 2015.09.18

Where Should Hot Debate Guy's Next TV Gig Be?

The latest GOP debate had a pretty clear winner, and it wasn't Scott Walker. How should Hot Debate Guy Gregory Caruso capitalize on his new notoriety? 2015.09.17

Who Should Play Jared Fogle On Law & Order: Special Victims Unit?

No, they haven't announced they're doing a Jared-inspired episode. YET. 2015.08.19

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