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Should Manson Documentaries That Can't Focus Cease To Exist?

A student film out of Chicago takes a look at one of the few compelling aspects of the Manson myth in Aquarius...but hits a few of the same snags. 2017.05.31

A Very Previously.TV Holiday Gift Guide: Books 'Written' By Fictional TV Characters!

Though you'd think fictional characters would have better things to do than write real-world books, Monty Ashley tells you which ones are good. 2016.12.07

Should You Go Around The Way With Empire Star Taraji P. Henson's Memoir?

Taraji P. Henson lays bare her hardscrabble beginnings in a tale you might have heard once or twice before. 2016.11.18

We The Jury Find Law & Order: The Unofficial Companion Guilty

...of first-degree hilarious trash-talk and derpy photos of Michael Moriarty playing the piano. CHUNG CHUNG! 2016.09.15

Falling In With A Bad Crowd: Shane And Friends

Subscription VOD service fullscreen launches with, among others, a video podcast from Shane Dawson and Jessie Buttafuoco. Should you try to sit at their table? 2016.04.27

Is American Crime Story Source Book The Run Of His Life Worth Chasing Down?

Author Jeffrey Toobin's a consultant on the miniseries. Should you consult his account of the Simpson trial? 2016.02.17


Teresa Giudice's bake-sale of a prison memoir, Turning The Tables, is a disingenuous, tiresome waste of time. 2016.02.10

Should Fans Of The Missing Maura Murray Podcast Bother With TV-Newsmag Eps About The Case?

20/20 and Disappeared both looked at Murray's disappearance. Should you look at them? 2015.11.11

Should You Kick Back With The Leisure Class?

Or is Project Greenlight's fourth-season film a stiff? 2015.11.02S04.E08

Don't Forget Me

Smash's odd life after death continues, as a Broadway concert just keeps moving the line. 2015.06.09

Just How 'Perfect' Is Chris Harrison's Romance Novel, The Perfect Letter?

The Bachelor/ette host gets his Nicholas Sparks on. And it's every bit as magical and wonderful as you would imagine. 2015.06.01

I Am The One Who Sucks

Strangely crappy writing undermines the interesting interviews and intel in Breaking Bad: The Official Book. 2015.05.18

Live From New York Is Back. It's 30% Longer And At Least 20% Better!

Finally, the inside story of Dooneese and "What's Up With That" can be told. In one paragraph apiece, so there's room for nine pages on Stefon. 2014.09.19

BREAKING: Farrah Abraham Has Written And Published An Erotic Novel

And Lilit Marcus used it to figure out everyone Farrah hates. 2014.07.03

Scandal's Signature Fashion Line At The Limited Is Only The Beginning!

We're brainstorming other collaborations between TV series and fashion retailers that could totally, totally happen. 2014.06.26

Twelve Imaginary Downton Abbey Drinks More Interesting Than The Actual Downton Abbey Wine

The Downton Abbey wine is out and it's really kind of boring. On the eve of the show's return, Stephanie Lucianovic tells us what she would have done with the libations idea if anyone had thought to ask her thirsty opinion. 2014.01.03

Things Joe Bastianich Invented

An objective, and by no means complete, inventory by Restaurant Man Joe Bastianich. 2013.12.02

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