Ask The Expert

TV characters tell you how the hell you should live your life.

Ask A Bearded BFF

Edgar Quintero is here to help out his many, many shaggy sitcom contemporaries. 2014.10.14

Ask A Resurrected Sontaran Commander With Homicidal Impulses

Doctor Who's soldier-turned-butler is here to help worthless humans. 2014.09.26

Ask A Disgraced Former Agent Trying To Get Back In His Team's Good Graces

Agent Ward turned out to be a Hydra agent last season, but now he's eager to help out in any way he can. From jail. 2014.09.24S02.E01

Ask A Spooky Cartel Enforcer

Eleanor Nacht has creatively solved a lot of problems for an international crime syndicate, and now she's solving yours! 2014.08.20S02.E07

Ask A Vampire Makeup Artist Who's Been Doing This For A While

The Master's majordomo knows how to keep up appearances. 2014.07.27S01.E03

Ask A Woman Who Just Married Into The Family Of A Dictator

The newest member of the Al Fayeed family shares her unique perspective! 2014.07.01S01.E02

Ask A World-Famous Detective Who Has Very Rigid Ideas About Fashion, Apparently

Now that Sherlock has made known his opinion of UGG boots (which: he is against them), perhaps you'd like him to answer your burning fashion questions? 2013.11.22

Ask A Briton Pressed Into Public Service

One of the featured players in the Black Mirror series premiere answers questions from viewers like you. 2013.11.13S01.E01

Ask A World-Famous Detective Struggling To Be More Empathetic

Elementary's Sherlock Holmes is trying to share his unparalleled insight with you idiots, as compassionately as he can. 2013.09.27S02.E01

Ask A Billionaire Playboy/CEO

Quite a get for Careers Week: Xander Crews of Crews Enterprises (as seen in the docuseries Frisky Dingo) answers your work-related questions. 2013.08.28

Ask A Ballerina Torn Between Her Career And Her Passive-Aggressively Controlling Boyfriend

Breaking Pointe's Allison DeBona on etiquette, friendships, and film. 2013.08.20S01.E08

Ask A Pornographer Trying To Enforce The Social Contract

Couples Therapy patient Joe Francis has some very rigid ideas about what constitutes appropriate behaviour. 2013.08.15S03.E09

Ask Two Wealthy White Women Fleeing A Beverly Hills Security Guard

Ray Donovan's Abby and Deb put their casual shoplifting on hold to answer your questions. 2013.08.12S01.E07

Ask A Man Still Recovering From A Vasectomy

The Bridge's Marco Ruiz is putting on a brave front, but never forget that he JUST had surgery on his junk. 2013.08.01S01.E04

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