Ask The Expert

TV characters tell you how the hell you should live your life.

Ask Supernatural's Dead Good Ol' Boy Hunter Dude

Just because Bobby's dead doesn't mean he doesn't give good advice. 2016.03.24S11.E16

Ask Vikings's Big, Angry, Symbolic Brown Bear

Just because he/she is a nonverbal mammal doesn't mean he/she doesn't have insight to offer. 2016.03.03S04.E03

Ask Vikings's Super-Creepy Seer With No Apparent Eyeballs

Like you wouldn't run all your issues by a free psychic, too. 2016.02.18S04.E01

Ask The Vampire Diaries's Really Sad Vampire Who Wants To Die

You've got questions? Yeah, well, some of us have real problems, jerk. 2016.02.12S07.E12

Ask War And Peace's Villainous, Rat Bastard Creep

You've got questions. Dolokhov -- conniving adulterer, dissembler, great-hair-haver -- has all the answers. 2016.02.01S01.E03

Ask Supernatural's Brain-Eating Banshee

Before she makes you bash your head in. The Winchesters just have allll the lady problems this season, no? 2016.01.28S11.E11

Ask The Pretty Little Liars Judge Who Clearly Doesn't Understand What PTSD Looks Like

After five years, the poor, traumatized Liars are back, and after five years, they still can't get anyone to listen to them. 2016.01.13S06.E11

Ask The Off-Putting Life Coach From Transparent

For all intensive purposes, you're going to feel better when you knock down that wall with the help of Laura Milton Kaufberger of S02.E05. 2015.12.15S02.E05

Ask Law & Order's Jack McCoy

District Attorney Jack McCoy fights for truth, justice, and the right to answer questions far beneath his pay grade. 2015.12.15

Ask The Unconventional Twins Of Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones's upstairs neighbors answer all the questions you were afraid to ask. 2015.11.23S01.E02

Ask Supernatural's Evil Plushie

He may not be all that helpful, but he does know a lot about children, and revenge. 2015.11.19S11.E07

Ask A Humanoid Eye-Booger From Doctor Who's 38th Century

Wake up and take some rest-related advice from the sleep-dust monsters of Doctor Who. 2015.11.14S09.E09

Ask A Former Mexican Wrestler Now Living Anonymously In Vampire-Infested NYC

The Silver Angel knows how to grapple effectively with life's problems. 2015.08.02S02.E04

Ask A Frighteningly Devoted Corporate Climber

Mr. Robot's Tyrell Wellick has some advice that will change your life, if you dare to follow it. 2015.07.09S01.E03

Ask An Understaffed Magic School

We're not Hogwarts, but we try harder. And we're here to help. 2015.06.27S01.E03

Ask The Executive Producer Of A Dating Show

Everlasting EP Quinn solves ordinary people's problems in her own inimitable way. 2015.06.08S01.E02

Ask An Ink-Stained Wretch

Ben Urich's been doin' this a looong time. Ask Daredevil's venerable print journalist how you can last as long as he has. 2015.05.28S01.E12

Ask A Weird Old Magician

Who's better at career and relationship advice than a creepy old magician? No one, that's who! 2015.01.24S01.E10

Ask An Angel

Got a tricky problem to solve? Do like John Constantine and consult the Manny-ual. 2014.11.29S01.E06

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